Crossword cybersecurity consulting gaining traction

Crossword Cybersecurity plc., is pleased to announce that its Consulting division have recently signed numerous agreements including three with companies spanning the automotive, insurance and property sectors, to work with them on improving their cyber security posture. An industry-leading cyber transformation project has begun with a global pioneer in connected vehicle data. Crossword Cybersecurity will assist the company with implementing a globally recognised cyber security standard, ranking it amongst major

L4CPP national Nov 2019 cohort

Police Crime Prevention Academy deliver more accredited crime prevention qualifications to police and security teams from across the UK

Five police forces, a Civil Service Security Team and Warwickshire County Council are the latest organisations to have their staff undertake accredited crime prevention qualifications from The Police Crime Prevention Academy. Officers from West Midlands Police, Durham Constabulary, the Merseyside Police Service, Dorset Police, and Northamptonshire Police joined a Civil Service Security Team and staff from Warwickshire County Council to undertake the Level 4 Certificate in Crime Prevention for Practitioners. The Level

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