Exploitable Attack Surface

Vectra research identifies new exploitable attack surface

Vectra on Healthcare discredits the widely held belief that external threats would lead to an increase in data breaches during the COVID-19 pandemic Vectra AI, a leader in network threat detection and response (NDR), today released its 2020 Spotlight Report on Healthcare, which shows an upward trend in exploitable behaviors and discredits claims that external threats would lead to increased internal threat activity. The latest Spotlight Report on Healthcare is

AA Aperio for all wireless locks

Access everywhere: how wireless locks help everyone in 3 key European industries

Upgrading security and access technology makes us safer. “Safety” can sometimes feel abstract, yet better access control has a real impact on the day-to-day working lives of everyone who comes into contact with it. How do we know? Because we ask them. Extending the coverage of traditional access control has long been expensive or intrusive — usually both. If you want to move on from mechanical keys and the myriad

Cyber Security Teams

Mind the gap: upskilling cyber security teams

Mind the gap: upskilling cyber security teams by Matt Cable, VP Solutions Architects & MD Europe, Certes Networks At the end of 2019, it was reported that the number of unfilled global IT security positions had reached over four million professionals, up from almost three million at the same time the previous year. This included 561,000 in North America and a staggering 2.6 million in APAC. The cyber security industry

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