How one French racecourse saved security costs

Racecourse managers at the Hippodrome Côte d’Azur faced a familiar dilemma. How to stop duplicatable mechanical keys jeopardising security for employees and visitors? And how to drastically reduce the time they were wasting in getting locks replaced when someone lost their key? The racecourse’s 63-hectare site incorporates tracks used for many equestrian disciplines. Around 30 workers are employed full-time, but during meetings it welcomes up to 1,000 horses and 3,000


When cutting-edge video meets analogue infrastructure

When cutting-edge video meets analogue infrastructure in 1960s design high-rise apartment blocks and how the latest technology can help overcome residents frustrations when answering the door. “If someone rang the bell at the side entrance, it wouldn’t always ring in my apartment upstairs,” says the chairman of the condo council, who lives at the RiverGate condominium in River Valley, Singapore. “Visitors often had to call me to let them in,


Paxton, opens new in-house test facility

Paxton has opened a state-of-the-art product test centre at its Global Head Office, in Brighton. This new investment allows Paxton and other businesses to test products during the manufacturing phase. The robust testing equipment will increase the quality and durability of the products. The company has transformed its warehouse space into the world-class Paxton Test Facility. This means, Paxton now provides a space to carry out compliance and environmental testing.


Campus renovation includes an upgrade to real-time access control

Around 7,000 people pass through the Luminy faculty’s suburban campus every day. As part of a major project to modernise two buildings, university managers sought a retrofit-ready access control solution to upgrade security. University administrators selected Aperio locks to secure doors in the new buildings. With Aperio, facilities staff deal with lost keys more efficiently. The laborious process of changing locks and reissuing keys — part of the daily workload


It’s a Hattrick! Paxton is named one of the best places to work

The market leader of access control and door entry solutions, Paxton, have made the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For list for the third year running, ranking at 75. “A company that puts in the time and effort to build a great company culture and office environment.” – Anonymous employee feedback Paxton pride themselves on their company culture, offering a modern working environment and an extensive benefits package

IDIS ISC West Booth

Deep learning advances and cybersecurity highlighted by IDIS at ISC West

IDIS will be highlighting the latest advances in deep learning video analytics, with industry-leading accuracy, at ISC West in Las Vegas. Building on its track record of artificial intelligence innovation, IDIS has taken another step forward in neural networks developing what is now one of most accurate AI engines available. Users can easily access a range of advanced AI tools through the latest version of IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA)


Seven problems your access control software could fix right now

So often, our focus in security and access control zeroes in on the hardware. Its latest functionality or compatibility with emerging technologies grabs the headlines. Yet it is your access control software which knits a system together — and the signs are, this is finally getting the attention it deserves in security procurement. “Today, access control software is more accessible to a wider variety of actors,” writes Bryan Montany, a


Automated actions triggered by user-counts for Inner Range’s Inception

Access control manufacturer Inner Range has released a new update for its entry-level product Inception, allowing operators to set automated actions in response to specific user numbers. Automated actions based on user-count triggers include being able to change heating and air conditioning depending on the number of people on site, or in a particular area, showing messages about parking availability for drivers as they enter car parks, depending on how

Paul and Robin

Boundary harnesses AI to develop state-of-the-art outdoor security camera

Home security tech specialist, Boundary, has teamed up with The University of Edinburgh to develop a ground-breaking outdoor security camera that will embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) to spot potential intruders. Working closely with Professor Robert Fisher, Chair of Computer Vision at the University, Boundary will create an affordable camera that uses machine vision to classify events captured within the parameters of the home, including being able to determine whether a person has good or malicious


SMARTair software saves management time at a new student residence

Student accommodation is a fast-growing sector. Student numbers across France have grown around 10% in a decade. Around $1bn was invested in France’s purpose-built student accommodation just between 2016 and 2018. Efficient solutions to help manage security for these student properties are always welcome. For new premises in Rennes, France, specialist provider Easy Student sought reliable, key-free locking. They wanted their new residence to run efficiently — “like a hotel”

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