Email fails

Five familiar email fails

Five familiar email fails: Why they could be more than an embarrassing mishap Email is a fundamental component of business communications. The benefit of near instant messaging, no matter the location, means that business deals and management can be conducted quickly and seamlessly. But our reliance on email as a communication tool has inspired an element of complacency amongst users. The repetitive and familiar nature of email usage means that


EU imposes first ever cyber attack sanctions

The EU has imposed the first ever sanctions against cyber-attacks. These include six individuals and three entities accused of carrying out the WannaCry, NotPetya and Cloud Hopper attacks. The sanctions imposed include a travel ban and asset freeze. John Hultquist, Senior Director of Analysis, Mandiant Threat Intelligence comments: “The European Union imposed sanctions against multiple people and organizations for their role in a number of cyberattacks and cyber espionage incidents. The sanctions are tied


Survey: SaaS applications to grow

Survey: 86% of EMEA IT experts expect the number of SaaS applications in the enterprise to grow in the next 18 months. SailPoint shares three key steps IT teams should take as Brits start to migrate back to the workplace SailPoint, the leader in identity management, has found that 86% of IT experts in EMEA expect their organisation’s number of SaaS applications to grow over the next 18 months, even

Xi'an intelligent traffic management solution01

Xi’an Intelligent Traffic Management case study

Traffic continues to grow in every major city. But how do you beat congestion in these restricted urban spaces? In China’s ancient-walled city of Xi’an, they’re adopting an intelligent traffic management system based on Hikvision technology – and boosting traffic flow while reducing journey time. The Chinese city of Xi’an, known as Chang’an in ancient times, was the center of ancient oriental civilization. Thirteen dynasties spanning Chinese history have chosen

BlueDiamond application interior

LenelS2 offers healthy buildings solutions

LenelS2 offers healthy buildings solutions to enable touchless access, occupancy management and more. Advanced products and services to support safer workspaces. As people around the world adjust to a new normal, the health and efficiency of our buildings – and how they influence personal health – is critically important. Today, LenelS2 announces its portfolio of solutions, part of Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program, designed to help protect people and assets, and

Vectra Cognito NDR Platform and Services

New advisory and operational cybersecurity services

Vectra, the leader in network threat detection and response (NDR), announced a range of new advisory and operational cybersecurity services that enable enterprises to increase security operations efficiency and significantly reduce the risk of data breaches. Organizations that deploy the flagship Cognito NDR platform from Vectra will be able to dramatically improve their incident response performance by leveraging years of professional cybersecurity expertise in AI and security operations across hundreds

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Synectics awarded critical-infrastructure contract

Synectics has secured a multi-site protection contract for a customer whose infrastructure assets are considered critical to national security. Responsible for maintaining an energy network that supplies over 3.9 million homes and businesses, the customer required a centralised system to guard against both physical and cyber threats at five key sites – each recognised as a national asset with corresponding levels of access clearance. The Synectics solution, driven by its Synergy


[SECON 2020] Asia’s only integrated Security Event

The curve of confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Korea has flattened as rigorous social distancing and contact tracing have made the pandemic at Safe Level. The outbreak is now under control and this indeed is a bright prospect for SECON 2020, held from July 6-8 in Hall 3-5 at KINTEX (Korea) as the largest event ever. This year’s SECON will be even more meaningful as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Hikvision MinMoe

Temperature screening helps in returning to work

Businesses are reopening and employees are returning to work. Managing protections for workers, customers, and visitors with the lingering effects of Covid-19 poses challenges in the business world. To cope with challenges, it is crucial for businesses to maximise protection while operating their access control systems effectively. This requires safer and faster temperature screenings, controlling access, and recording attendance, as well as visitor management. Touch-free access control systems with a

Covid-19 transport

Four European countries deploy EpiShuttle pods

Three leading European Air Forces have deployed single patient isolation pods to rescue Covid-19 patients from remote areas. In record time, the EpiShuttle is now in service with The British Royal Air Force, The Royal Norwegian Air Force, the Royal Danish Air Force and the German Air Ambulance DRF. The three Air Forces and the German Air Ambulance have all deployed the isolation pod. The EU supported EpiShuttle was developed

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