Coronavirus-era and the need for stronger cyber security

Our last issue of Security Buyer looked at the need for stronger cybersecurity. With the lockdown and the increased necessity for remote working, cyber security risks have heightened and organisations must be vigilant to keep their data secure The global pandemic of the Coronavirus, followed by the lockdown has forced businesses to re-evaluate the way in which they work, the structure, processes and security. When offices were told to close


Protests and pandemics

In our last issue of Security Buyer, our cover story looked at the BLM protests that are happening all over the world. The story looks at how facial recognition, policing and technology keep up with the ever changing environment of security, morality and health. It’s been almost two weeks since people first took to the streets in Minneapolis to protest police brutality following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna

Phishing scam

Multi-factor Authentication should be a top priority

The truth is, without multi-factor authentication (MFA), businesses are open to attacks if their employees fall for phishing scams or share passwords, which happens much more than you think (yes in your organisation too). Compromised credentials are an extremely dangerous threat to any company. Why is that? Once the attacker was able to compromise a set of corporate credentials, he is now in possession of valid credentials to login which

Paxton Webinar On Demand GIF

Tutorials and resources launched on demand

Paxton announces free COVID-secure live webinars are now available on demand – they can be watched anywhere, anytime at your convenience. In June, Paxton took the initiative to create a no-nonsense webinar based on CDC and OSHA guidelines. Paxton’s mission is to continually provide their installers with educational videos that help them reduce the risk of infection, work safely, and prepare them with the right tools to make their end


Think 3,2,1 to protect your business against ransomware

Rick Vanover, Senior Director of Product Strategy, Veeam discusses how to protect your business against ransomware in a cyber world. The war on ransomware is real. In the past few years, this form of attack has become a valid threat to businesses. We have seen huge attacks that have rendered multinational organizations, even governments, vulnerable and unable to continue mission-critical operations. In 2017, WannaCry brought hospital IT departments across Europe

Connected Technologies Connect ONE Safe Passage August 2020

Safe Passage Helps Businesses Get Back to Work

New Connect ONE feature targets return-to-work strategies with an automated process that can be customised to individual spaces, conditions and regulations. The Safe Passage Module now available as part of the Connect ONE cloud-hosted platform from Connected Technologies is a framework for a one-time or periodic self-approval process for facility access control. Perfect for back-to-work strategies during the pandemic or to ensure health and safety compliance, it provides an automated

Cloud technologies

Cloud is a Business Priority in the COVID-19 Shutdown

1,077 respondents across 9 countries are relying more on cloud technologies and seeing more cybersecurity attacks, according to Zogby Analytics Research Infoblox, the provider of Secure Cloud-Managed Network Services, and Zogby Analytics unveil research into the ongoing IT challenges posed by the COVID-19 shutdown. Half a year into the shutdown, companies are still playing catch up to optimise their remote work experience. Based on 1,077 responses from the US, the


Ripple20: Dealing with the turncoat Treck stack

Jeff Costlow, CISO, ExtraHop, discusses the series of 19 vulnerabilities found embedded in many devices worldwide and how insecure components can lead to insecure products In network security, the past can come back at you hard. In few places is that clearer than the recent Ripple20 revelations, a series of 19 vulnerabilities found in the Treck TCP/IP software stack which—researchers say—have worked their way into hundreds of millions of embedded


Disaster in Beirut and political negligence

The Beirut explosion, caused by the mishandling and storage of a highly reactive chemical, has sparked outrage across the world against port security and political governance The explosion, on August 4, at around 6pm local time, appears to have been fuelled by 2,750 tons of the highly reactive chemical ammonium nitrate. The chemical had been the cargo on a ship, the MV Rhosus, which entered the port at Beirut in


From risk reduction to unleashing new possibilities

Daniel Fried, GM and Senior Vice President, EMEA and Worldwide Channels, Veeam, discusses the importance of data management and risk in the new security landscape 2020 will surely be looked back on as a watershed moment for the role technology plays in our lives as well as business. But even before this year, Digital Transformation (DX) was becoming a critical priority. In 2019, IDC predicted that direct DX investment would

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