Industrial Operations during a pandemic

Critical industrial operations during a pandemic

Those tasked with securing OT environments must understand the extended threat landscape to keep things running smoothly, explains Maher Jadallah, Regional Director – Middle East at Tenable. The current unprecedented public health crisis has impacted nearly all populated nations. Governments all over the globe have mandated citizens to stay at home, working remotely where possible in an effort to curb the spread of infection. However, when it comes to our

Department of Defense

Innovative response to the nation’s need for rapid ventilator prototyping

In March, as hospital beds around the country filled up with patients suffering from respiratory distress due to COVID-19, the Department of Defense assembled a rapid-reaction team of medical professionals and engineers to harness innovation to address the projected 75,000 shortfall of ventilators. Leveraging the U.S. Special Operations Command digital platform, Vulcan, the team launched the “Hack-a-Vent Challenge” on March 18, 2020. Eight weeks later, five distinct, low-cost ventilators were

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