Dahua Technology hosts 13th ONVIF Developer's Plugfest in Hangzhou

Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China recently hosted the 13th ONVIF Developer’s Plugfest.
The 13th ONVIF Developer’s Plug-fest was held at Dahua Headquarters in Hangzhou, China from November 11th to 13th. More than 57 senior technical experts representing state-of-art IP-based manufacturers from around the world attended this testing event. As a full member of ONVIF, Dahua was honored to host this important annual event.
ONVIF is a non-profit, leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products that was founded in 2008. Its members include manufacturers, systems integrators, end users, members of the security media, specifies and other security professionals. The ONVIF standard currently addresses IP video surveillance and access control.
The Plugfest consisted of two parts: peer-to-peer testing and user scenario testing. This format enabled manufacturers to test devices for conformance to the ONVIF standard and also provided a chance to simulate a real-world operation environment for testers. For example, the testing included testing interoperability between multiple brands’ devices operating at the same time as one system, working together.
As a full member of ONVIF, Dahua Technology tested both devices and clients for conformance with Profile S, Profile G and Profile Q. During the three-day testing, the manufacturers present tested their systems’ interoperability with Dahua’s systems. The test results show that both Dahua clients and servers conform to the ONVIF Network Interface Specification Set, version 2.4.2, and also that Dahua front-end and storage devices can support recording control, search, replay, and many other functions with conformance to Profile G. Dahua’s devices are also capable of supporting extended features such as video analytics and OSD in addition to basic features such as video, PTZ, event and live streaming.
“At the 13th ONVIF Developers’ Plug-fest, several manufacturers tested devices and clients for conformance to three profiles: Profile S, Profile G and Profile Q. This is a reflection of the growing adoption of ONVIF’s standards in the market,” said Takahiro Iwasaki, Chairman of ONVIF’s Technical Services Committee Taskforce, Developers’ Plugfest. “The Client Test Tool Clinic that was held during the event was also popular with client manufacturers, who were able to speak with our CTT vendor directly and ask any questions they may have had about the tool.”
“IP is the key point of development for Dahua now and in the future and we are happy to share our experience and knowledge with ONVIF,” said Tim Shen, Marketing Director at Dahua Technology. “Dahua is more than just a member of ONVIF – we are devoting ourselves to being a positive influence in the industry that can help bring standardization to a new level.”

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