New Nexus wireless alert system from Luminite 

Luminite Electronics has developed Nexus, a fresh range of products for the manufacturer of wireless and hard-wired detectors. It comprises a range of wireless internal and external call points with sounders and beacons deployed on construction sites and schools to provide security alarm systems.

The units are battery powered and have transmission range of 1km between units. Each site requires at least one Master unit which is fitted with a re-set key. In all instances of activation, the initial triggered unit will continue to flash until manually re-set.

Each item utilises intelligent power saving technology to ensure a long battery life of up to three years, keeping service calls to a minimum and reducing the environmental impact. Remote monitoring and low battery alerts are facilitated when an IP Masthead is included in the system.

Fire alert system is aimed at construction sites, parks, utility sites, buildings undergoing refurbishment – anywhere requiring a robust warning system to fire, suspected terrorist attack or any other alert event involving evacuation. When one of the nexus units is activated it will trigger all others which are in range to sound an audible evacuation alert as well as a visual beacon using a proven secure mesh protocol.

On top of this, there is also a lockdown function available aimed primarily at schools and colleges and when activated will sound a lockdown message and visual beacon. This message can be customised prior to ordering otherwise the standard messagewill be supplied. Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite Electronics commented: “We have always put wireless technology at our forefront and the long transmission range we are able to get from our Genesis PIR detectors is the same expertise used for Nexus. The systemis quickly deployable, and we can see multiple uses for this new addition to the range.”

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