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Connected Technologies Connect ONE Safe Passage August 2020

Safe Passage Helps Businesses Get Back to Work

New Connect ONE feature targets return-to-work strategies with an automated process that can be customised to individual spaces, conditions and regulations. The Safe Passage Module now available as part of

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Craig Hayman CEO AVEVA

Digital Transformation of Industrial World

Combined product offering from AVEVA and OSIsoft to support customers and optimising operations, driving sustainability and creating greater value AVEVA, a provider of industrial software, and OSIsoft, real-time industrial data

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Disaster in Beirut and political negligence

The Beirut explosion, caused by the mishandling and storage of a highly reactive chemical, has sparked outrage across the world against port security and political governance The explosion, on August

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Email fails

Five familiar email fails

Five familiar email fails: Why they could be more than an embarrassing mishap Email is a fundamental component of business communications. The benefit of near instant messaging, no matter the

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