PriVendo – the innovative marketing software

PriVendo – the innovative marketing software

Understand, act, earn!

The marketing software PriVendo® detects movements of objects – people, vehicles, etc. – and analyses the captured data to understand customer behavior, improve safety and optimise retailers ROI.

By using PriVendo, the numbers of customers in different areas at different times can be identified. It is also detected how long customers dwell in the store, in specific departments or in front of a product. Furthermore, PriVendo can differentiate between interest and engagement in products. To ensure that reports are appropriate to their business, retailers can define what interest and engagement means. For example 5-8 seconds in front of a product implies, the customer is interested and more than 8 seconds, that he is engaged.

PriVendo – the innovative marketing software

All collected data can be shown in real time through different formats like diagrams, graphs or tables. Moreover, heat maps and hot spots show at a glance which parts of a store are most frequented and mostly ignored by customers. This allows a detailed analysis of how customers react to product placements or marketing campaigns. Based on the results store manager can be implement optimisation measurements:

  • Store layout & design
  • Product placement & presentation
  • Queue management
  • Staff planning
  • Planning/Evaluating of marketing campaigns (POS & Promotion)

By implementing the optimisation measurements retailers are able to gain benefits like increased customer satisfaction, decreased personal costs, targeted investments and improved ROI within two weeks.

PriVendo is designed very user friendly and can be easily integrated in existing security systems. Therefore, PriVendo visual sensors are used for marketing as well as security purposes. In this case PriVendo analyses customer behaviour and streams videos to detect burglary, shoplifting or vandalism.

PriVendo can be used in many different vertical markets, where ever people counting or dwell time analytic is needed. For example at train stations, airports, public places, malls and so on.

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