Samsung SCP-9080P

  • Weather thermal positioning system, Fixed 50mm lens
  • 360 degree pan, -85 degrees ~40 degrees tilt range
  • Variable speed 0.1 degrees per second ~ 120 degrees per second
  • 0.47 mrad. Colour Pattern
  • trade inquiries welcome

Samsung SCP-9080P 0.47 mrad thermal camera PTZ Thermal: 50mm lens, 0.47 mrad. Colour Pattern, 360 degree pan, -85 degrees ~ 40 degrees tilt range, variable speed 0.1 degrees per second ~ 120 degrees per second, built-in telemetry receiver, Coaxial & RS485/422 control, IP66, OSD, RS-485, IP66, 24VAC The SCU-9080 integrates a high technology thermal imaging camera with a precision, high-speed positioning system. It delivers thermal video at 320 x 240 resolution with a pixel size of 23.5μm. Unlike traditional cameras, the SCU-9080 does not rely on light to capture images; instead, it displays heat variances allowing it to effectively detect people and objects up to 1.2Km away, even in extreme conditions such as complete darkness, fog, smoke and snow. This makes it ideal for a range of security, safety and industrial applications such as perimeter protection, wide area surveillance and for checking “hot-spots” in machinery, equipment and buildings. Critically, once a user sets a certain temperature level the SCU-9080 alarms when it detects that temperature level has been breached. In addition to the imaging capability, the SCU-9080 offers continuous 360° rotation and extended -85° to 40° tilt operation with full weatherproof protection to IP 66.

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