Redline updates it’s online Threat Recognition Training

Redline updates it’s online Threat Recognition Training

Redline Assured Security is renowned for its industry leading threat image recognition training (ALERT²) system which has in excess of 5000 known, emerging and innovative threats.

These range from firearms, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), sharps and other prohibited items that can specifically target known threats to ensure the x-ray screeners are one step ahead of the threat.

The threat system library is constantly updated and its most recent addition being a range of readily concealable IEDs including Laptop IEDs.

In the past six weeks two attempts have been made to destroy an aircraft in flight using laptop IEDs. Both have failed due to timing issues. Redline has recreated them as there is always a danger of copycat incidents.

Craig Harrison, Redline’s Managing Director commented:

“The recent attempted laptop IED attacks places further emphasis on the critical importance of threat recognition capability within the aviation industry and all high value and high threat environments. Redline’s threat image recognition training is the most technically sophisticated package available today, supporting customers to develop their staff to detect real threat items concealed within bags, holdalls, parcels and mail; increasing protection to real security threats.”

Redline have built several versions of the laptop IED, imaged these devices using their x-ray equipment and have created a specific laptop IED training library which consists of a number of images to ensure x-ray screeners are able to identify potential devices in which to mitigate the risk to the aviation industry. The program will take users between 15 to 30 minutes to complete including review. Not all images have a device in them so by reviewing the performance of the screeners, employers will quickly be able to determine those that require additional threat image detection training.

Using genuine x-ray images of real life threat items, the ALERT² system features an extensive image library and provides dual view images and functionality, using technology designed to avoid negative habit transfer.

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