Release of DroneNode Video

DroneShield Ltd has released a video showing its portable, covert disruptor DroneNode in action.  The video can be viewed here.  This release follows escalating use of drones for nefarious purposes following drone attacks on Gatwick and Heathrow in the last month, including a recently reported Houthi drone attack on a Yemen government base, with multiple reported deaths and wounded casualties.

U.S. regulator approves order for Central American security agency

On 2nd October 2018, shortly after a reported drone assassination attempt on the life of the Venezuelan President, DroneShield announced an order for its DroneSentry drone mitigation system and DroneGun Tactical jammer products for use by a Central American government security agency. The announcement stated that the Company’s ability to fulfil the order was subject to approval by the relevant U.S. regulator and that there were no guarantees that the

DroneShield's teaming agreement with Thales

DroneShield is pleased to announce that it has entered into a teaming agreement with Thales Programas De Electronica Y Comunicaciones S.A.U. (“Thales”) (a Spanish subsidiary of Thales S.A.). From this, Thales will utilise and promote DroneShield’s products in its defence and security contract bids in Spain involving counterdrone aspects. Thales S.A. is one of the largest defence companies globally, with 65,000 employees, operations in 56 countries and a market capitalisation

Governmental Australian Military Sales Catalogue 2019

DroneShield’s products (DroneGun, DroneSentry and DroneSentinel) have been approved for inclusion in the 2019 Australian Military Sales Catalogue, maintained by AMS (Australian Military Sales), a Directorate within the Australian Government’s Defence’s Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group. The role of AMS is to support Australian sovereign capability and military sales programs through initiatives. This includes international Government-to-Government purchase of Australian origin, sensitive technology, defence articles and supporting Australian defence industry to

DroneShield is a provider in British Army Autonomous Warrior 2018

DroneShield has given an ASX announcement with regards to the release of its involvement in British Army Autonomous Warrior 2018. The announcement detailed that DroneShield provides DroneSentinel for drone detection to the British Army Participates in the Autonomous Warrior 2018 exercise and enables the participants to detect hostile drones The British Army has launched a four-week exercise called the ‘Army Warfighting Experiment,’ with a Battlegroup from the 1st Armoured Infantry

DroneShield launches DroneNode in response to end-user requirements

DroneShield Ltd has announced the launch of DroneNode, an evolution of the company’s existing DroneCannon product, in response to end-user requirements. The portable, compact and inconspicuous counterdrone jamming device can be utilised at large outdoor events by law enforcement without raising public concern. This product is particularly relevant given recent high-profile drone attacks and the mailbomb terrorist attacks in the United States, heightening awareness of law enforcement globally to potential

DroneShield announces the release of new Drone Cannon Remote Weapon

In response to end-user requirements, DroneShield Ltd has released the DroneCannon Remote Weapon (RW), enabling third-party manufacturers to offer a combined ‘hard kill/soft kill’ layered counterdrone system. The lightweight ‘soft kill’ drone jammer has been designed for use with ‘hard kill’ remote weapon stations and can be used on a fixed site or vehicle solution. Historically, DroneShield has focussed on ‘soft kill’ counterdrone solutions, which means that DroneShield’s products interdict

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