Cloud security: A pillar for enterprise success


Majd Sinan, Country Manager, Trend Micro UAE underlines how Cloud security is a critical pillar for enterprise success in the region

Organisations across industries are constantly trying to find new avenues of growth and success with the adoption of technological innovations and actionable insights. However, the digital transformation of the past couple of years has made achieving business goals a bit more challenging, as migration to the cloud has accelerated at the enterprise level. Companies had to trust and rely heavily on the capabilities of cloud technology. And, they have successfully adjusted to the evolved landscape of the cloud, where data is stored and transferred from one source to another faster than ever. Just like the capacity of storing and processing massive amounts of data, the possibilities in the cloud are abundant.

One of the major advantages in the process of migrating to the cloud is that it has enabled companies to seamlessly transition into the hybrid work model. It has become the new norm of conducting business going forward, which means cloud services are essential and the investment in cloud-related tools and overall reliance is only going to increase in the years to come. It is predicted that global cloud services will go beyond $482 million this year, which is a 54% increase from 2020. While enterprises continue to invest and migrate workloads to the cloud, malicious actors are sure to follow.

Threat actors are constantly evolving and are relentlessly looking for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in every technological trend by creating advanced methods to disrupt cloud operations. As stated in Trend Micro’s Security Predictions for 2022, they will also double-down on modern threats, such as phishing emails and ransomware, which will continue to be a persistent problem throughout 2022. Organisations will have to stay alert of traditional techniques of attack as well as newly discovered methods in the time to come.

Protecting sensitive data and resources against cybercriminals is a non-stop process and ensuring that servers and networks are safeguarded will have to be prioritised even higher in the realm of cloud security. When there is a widely adopted technological tool, the target becomes even larger for cybercriminals. For instance, enterprises will continue to use software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and solutions to save costs and benefit from cloud flexibility and scalability. And the threat actors will leverage this trend to gain control and do damage. Therefore, enterprises need to adopt multi-layered solutions such as XDR, a one-stop shop that strengthens security analysts’ capabilities and streamlines workflows, optimising the SOC teams’ efforts by reducing manual steps. With an increased response time of up to 70%, XDR can detect across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks. Additionally, it identifies and correlates activities to produce high-confidence detection – with the power to search, investigate, analyse, and respond from a single console.

The region’s enterprises can stay a step ahead of the emerging threats by proactively adopting the best practices and solutions in cybersecurity. This will help organisations safeguard operations against system breaches, improve workflows, ensure better disaster management & recovery, and help comply with data protection standards. Enterprises adopting industry-leading security solutions will be able to utilise cloud capabilities as a stepping stone to fulfilling their digital ambitions and aim towards a more prosperous future.


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