Hanwha Techwin has broadened its security product portfolio with the new Samsung Wisenet P series Panoramic 180° Camera

  Designed for monitoring large open areas with just one camera, the PNM-9020V is equipped with multi-sensors which enable it to capture superb quality seamlessly stitched 180° images. Four 2MP images with 3.6mm lenses work in harmony to produce the 180° composite images. This is achieved with the help of a synchronised alignment lever located in the centre of the camera which raises and lowers the sensors in unison to

​Two way radio: Why a tech old timer is still an essential in the security industry

Brentwood Communications speak to Security Buyer about the continued use and development of ‘walkie-talkies’ which still play an integral role in modern security. When it comes to technological longevity, two way radio is hard to beat. The best part of a century after they first appeared, ‘walkie talkies’ are as widely used in industry today as they have ever been. No mean feat in an age when the latest digital

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