Insight into the myriad of risks challenging personnel security in 2019

Healix International, the global travel risk management and international medical and security assistance provider, has published a report outlining the potential security risks in 2019 facing businesses that have employees working and travelling abroad. James Pothecary, Regional Security Coordinator, believes the report underlines the need for organisations sending workers abroad to employ a wide-ranging scope when it comes to risk assessment and mitigation. “The range of risks now present for

Polar Bears in View: Intelligent video surveillance from Bosch for an offshore drill site in Alaska

Oooguruk drill site (ODS), is an important location for Caelus Natural Resources Alaska, LLC. Over 30 million barrels of oil have already been produced from Oooguruk since 2008, but the drill site in Alaska’s North Slope region is also frequented by polar bears. An intelligent security system helps to spot them. The technology has to recognize the animals as early as possible and function reliably. This entails defying the extreme

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