A simple, stylish PIN lock that keeps opportunist thieves out

You don’t need to continue using keys and key cards. When you want effective first-line security for private doors in public spaces, you no longer need cumbersome kit. To keep opportunist hands off your belongings, the Code Handle four-digit code-operated electronic handle locks without any wires, expensive hardware or software, mechanical keys or changes to your existing doors. PIN codes unlock so many features of our daily lives, from a

Prama Hikvision Launches ‘Bravery Awards’

Prama Hikvision, India’s leading provider of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, successfully launched the first ever edition of Bravery Awards at the Hikvision Expo in Rajkot, Gujarat. The first of its kind, Bravery Awards, aim to recognise and honour the exemplary, exceptionally meritorious and heroic acts of police professionals in extraordinary circumstances. The Bravery Awards were conferred by the Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal, Assistant Police Commissioner Ajay Chaudhary and

Allegion launches new-generation wireless mortise lock in the UK

Allegion UK, a leading specialist in fire safety and security hardware, has launched a new generation of wireless mortise lock in the UK. The Schlage LE mortise lock with ENGAGE™ technology has been developed specifically to extend effective electronic access control throughout the interior of a building, in addition to exterior doors, providing a single, secure locking device for the whole of a building. Ideal for multiple commercial settings, as

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