8 Safety Solutions to Keep Your Business Secure

Cybercrime is becoming an increasingly worrying issue for businesses around the world. In fact, according to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022, cyber-attacks have become more frequent within the last year, and 31 per cent of businesses are experiencing these at least once a week.

However, with cyber-attacks very much in the spotlight, it is easy to forget that the threat of physical burglaries is still prevalent. To make sure your digital and material assets are protected equally, here are some of the best safety solutions to cover all bases.

1. Computer security keys
Every business should consider protecting their computers and laptops with security keys. These use a two-factor authentication, limiting access to your devices and safeguarding any private information. The Google Titan Security Key (USB, USB-A, USB-C, and Micro USB compatible), for example, prevents phishing and other cyber-attacks, although it works best alongside other software security systems.

2. Fingerprint security scanner
USB security keys are great for on-the-go workers. On the other hand, if your business would like to assign desktops to employees, a fingerprint key could be the better option. These use sensors to protect on-site technologies from unauthorised logins.

3. Electrical locks
Say goodbye to traditional locks and keys. New smart lock technology is the future for businesses around the nation, preventing lockpicks from breaking and entering your premises. Kwikset, for example, provides customers with touchscreens and up to 16 keycodes, perfect for small business owners looking to improve their security systems.

4. Fireproof safes
What happens if burglars manage to unlock your electrical lock and break into your business? To keep valuable possessions secure, from paper documents to external hard drives and cellulose-based media, you can invest in a fireproof safe for your property.

5. Outdoor smart security cameras
Security cameras are an integral part of any corporate security system. The innovation of smart technologies has improved the quality of these systems, further deterring burglars from entering your premises. The Arlo Ultra is equipped with 4K HDR, night vision, 12x optical zoom, and alerts can be sent straight to your phone.

6. Face recognition webcams
Computer security is made simple with face recognition webcams. These innovative gadgets use infrared cameras to prevent unauthorised access, protecting computers and laptops within the workplace. They also reduce the time it takes to log in and function as a webcam for meetings on Zoom, Skype, and Facebook.

7. Network security devices
Network security devices are essential for any business. They establish a firewall that will protect internal networks from external threats, such as attacks from the internet. The SonicWall TZ270 uses Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection to prevent cyber-attacks.

8. Smart alarm systems
Every business should be equipped with an alarm system. A smart alarm system goes one step further, connecting smart cameras and video doorbells to capture anyone who is breaking and entering your property. To make sure everything is always as secure as it can be, the Ring alarm system also connects to mobile data.

On a final note
The safety and security of your business is second to none. To make sure you’re protected, consider fortifying your business with some of these security measures. Which example caught your eye?

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