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Paxton’s facility embodies innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, setting new standards for modern manufacturing and environmental responsibility in the security industry

Alongside other industry peers, Rebecca Spayne, Managing Editor of Security Buyer, attended an insightful site visit to Paxton’s new Brighton facility, highlighting the company’s innovative approach towards manufacturing and sustainability. Since our last visit with the opening of their new office, housed in a restored old bread factory, expectations did not disappoint.

This visit illuminated Paxton’s strategic decision to further integrate their Eastbourne manufacturing capabilities into the continued development of Paxton’s Technology Park in Brighton, with the inauguration of their Electronics Centre. Amidst a backdrop of geopolitical and economic uncertainties, the focus of the visit was on understanding the multifaceted benefits that on-site manufacturing brings to installers, end-users, and the manufacturer itself.

Paxton’s dedication to sustainability, with a keen aim towards achieving carbon neutrality, was evident throughout the tour. By bringing manufacturing closer to the heart of the company’s operations, Paxton not only aims to enhance its product quality and innovation but also to significantly reduce its environmental impact.

The visit showcased how sustainable practices and advanced technology are intertwined at Paxton, offering a glimpse into how the company is navigating the challenges of modern manufacturing while remaining committed to environmental stewardship, operational excellence, and community dedication. This approach not only strengthens Paxton’s position in the access control market, but also serves as a model for how manufacturers can contribute positively to the global ecosystem and local communities alike.

Talent and Technology

Upon arrival, Rebecca was greeted by a vibrant team of industry professionals, akin to reconnecting with old industry friends, the team exuded warmth and welcomeness. Walking through their two primary offices, the hub of software engineers and talented customer support staff (you can check out our previous site visit on our website to find out more about Paxton’s customer and installer focus), Richie Leonard, PR Specialist at Paxton, highlighted the diverse assembly of talent, underscoring a culture that thrives on a rich mixture of experience and innovation. The site houses various departments – from UI design for apps to development and test engineering – all working synergistically in a space that encourages creativity and collaboration.

Charity and Community at Heart

Paxton’s ethos extends beyond its technological and environmental commitments, deeply rooting itself in charitable endeavors and community support. Fundraising events, like the Christmas raffle, benefit various charities, including the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity, reflecting Paxton’s dedication to giving back. Additionally, the company’s initiative to donate surplus meals to local food banks highlights their role as a community pillar, especially during challenging times.
The first indicator that Paxton takes its sustainability dedication well beyond the typical business, is its Café, a testament to Paxton’s dedication to environmental stewardship and employee well-being, it serves as more than just a dining area. It embodies the company’s green philosophy, offering subsidised, sustainable meals prepared with seasonal ingredients and compostable packaging. This initiative, as described by Cho Kwan Li, PR & Media Specialist for Paxton, not only supports local agriculture but also promotes a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle among Paxton’s workforce.

Technological Triumphs and Testing Excellence

Paxton’s Brighton facility houses an advanced EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) test lab, representing a significant investment. This lab is not merely a tool for internal product development; it extends its benefits to local businesses by offering them access to top-tier testing facilities, thus helping them meet international standards more swiftly. Achieving UKAS accreditation, Paxton sets a high standard in testing and development, ensuring their products are not only reliable but also compliant with global requirements. “Stepping into the test lab itself, with perfectly manufactured ‘foam’ cones adorning the walls and floor, felt like stepping in to an engineer’s playground”, said Rebecca.
This lab underscores Paxton’s commitment to innovation, quality, and community support, providing a robust platform for rapid product development and certification. Through this facility, Paxton demonstrates how investments in technology and infrastructure can accelerate the commercialisation of new products while fostering a collaborative ecosystem that benefits the entire industry.

A Visionary Expansion: From Eastbourne to Brighton

The highlight of Rebecca’s visit to Paxton was undoubtedly the Paxton Electronics Centre, the core reason behind the company’s invitation. Blair Bowen, with a rich background in manufacturing technology honed at Jaguar Land Rover, transitioned to Paxton, and is now Operations Director, with a clear vision. His expertise and passion were palpable as he discussed the Centre’s innovation and potential impact. Blair’s leadership in this new role is pivotal, overseeing the transformation of Paxton’s manufacturing processes to not only enhance operational efficiency but also to embed sustainability at the core of their operations.

The strategic expansion of manufacturing operations to Brighton under Blair’s guidance is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. This expansion streamlines the manufacturing process, ensuring that every aspect of production is optimised for performance while minimising waste and energy consumption. By doing so, Paxton significantly reduces its environmental footprint, a crucial step towards their ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

Read the full site visit in our latest issue here.

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