A new wave of terrorism building in 2012, says RUSI


Watch this video for an expert view on defence and international security from the director of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) – fast forward to 5mins 6 seconds for his views on international terrorism.

“2011 saw the effective dismantling of Al-Qaeda as a core organisation. In Pakistan the death of Bin Laden was pretty important, Zawahiri the leader of Al Qaeda has now been pretty quiet and Aw-Laki was killed in Yemen so all of that is good from a counter terrorism point of view but 2012 will be different,” said RUSI Director General Professor Michael Clarke.

“We have the Olympics. There is a new wave building out there and although we don’t know how big that wave will be, when it hits us it will take a different form. There are a lot more have-a-go individuals, self-radicalised people and I think we will see in the trials that are coming up in 2012, a lot of evidence of that evolution of the nature of the terrorist threat.

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