Access Control and Fire Safety

Rebecca Spayne, Security Buyer, and Daniel May of Consort explores the integration of access control with fire safety, emphasising technology, compliance, and stakeholder collaboration 

In the rapidly evolving domain of building safety and compliance, the integration of access control systems with fire safety measures has become paramount. Daniel May, Director of Consort Architectural Hardware, brings his considerable expertise to bear on this critical issue, offering valuable insights into the challenges and technological innovations reshaping the field. With his in-depth knowledge, Daniel provides a detailed examination of the essential advancements in fire safety protocols and the significant role modern access control systems play in boosting building security and compliance. 

Daniel’s analysis illuminates the complexities faced in both new construction projects and retrofits, underlining the necessity of early and collective involvement from all stakeholders. He highlights how recent technological advancements have simplified the integration of safety systems, yet he also points to a persistent need for comprehensive industry-wide training and certification to bridge the existing gaps in standards and practices. 

For those interested in delving deeper into these topics, Daniel’s complete presentation will be accessible at the forthcoming Security Buyer Live 2024 virtual event. Scheduled for 15-16 May, this event is poised to be an essential gathering for professionals across the fire safety and building compliance industries, providing extensive exploration of contemporary challenges and emerging solutions. 

Representing Consort Architectural Hardware, a family-owned enterprise with operations across four continents, Daniel speaks from a position of authority. Consort, initially focusing on architectural hardware, has expanded its portfolio to include innovative furniture fittings and state-of-the-art access control products, such as an entirely online hotel locking system and a comprehensive project management system. This expansion reflects Consort’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to exceeding industry standards with fully certified products. 

As the industry faces unprecedented challenges brought by rapid technological changes and increasing regulatory demands, Daniel’s insights are more relevant than ever. His presentation not only addresses the technical aspects of integrating access control with fire safety but also considers the broader implications for building design, maintenance, and regulatory compliance. By fostering a deeper understanding of these critical issues, Daniel’s expertise helps pave the way for safer, more resilient buildings in an era of technological advancement and heightened regulatory scrutiny. His talk at Security Buyer Live 2024 is an opportunity for industry professionals to gain leading-edge knowledge and strategies to enhance the safety and security of their building projects. 

The Rising Importance of Fire Safety in Buildings 

The importance of fire safety in building design has gained significant attention, especially following the Grenfell tragedy. Subsequent investigations have led to an increased awareness and the critical evaluation of how the construction industry can improve. These developments have positively shaped the perception and implementation of fire safety measures, particularly through enhanced access control systems. 

The Integral Role of Access Control in Fire Safety 

Access control systems play a crucial role in fire safety and building integrity. These systems are essential in managing fire doors and ensuring that cabling through various fire barriers is up to code. As one of the most rapidly evolving components of construction projects, the importance of access control needs careful consideration, particularly in areas such as training and comprehensive stakeholder involvement…

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