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Axis Communications Middle East announces first virtual event, Axis Innovates, to meet the growing demands of technological innovation in the Middle East 

Looking to capitalise on strong regional demand for cutting-edge surveillance technology, particularly from government entities and organisations in the smart city, transportation, and oil & gas sectors, security trailblazer and network leader, Axis Communications Middle East & Africa (MEA) has recently announced several enhanced smart safety solutions. Over the last 15 years, Axis has established itself as one of the largest providers of network surveillance solutions in the Middle East, and with their constant innovation in the security sector, aims to continue to meet businesses’ evolving needs. 

“The world is changing rapidly, and with increasing digitalisation, globalisation, and urbanisation, businesses must embrace agility and open-minded problem solving or risk being left behind. Developing smarter solutions to keep people safe during a pandemic is top of mind, especially in the security space, which sits firmly at the centre of heightened employee and customer health and safety,” commented Ettiene Van Der Watt, Regional Director at Axis Communications MEA. 

With machine learning and deep learning now broadly available in surveillance technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics are transforming safety, security and operational efficiency. Other trends shaping the sector include horizontal and hybrid integration, robust cybersecurity, an increase in low- and no-contact technologies, and the desire for more sustainable, high-quality products with longevity. Axis is now bringing together several of these technologies, including AI and analytics, to deliver cutting-edge security solutions that will enable a smarter, safer world.  

Axis aims to equip and empower Middle Eastern organisations with the network solutions they need to elevate their security and operations and be prepared for future opportunities and risks ― must-haves for any modern business to thrive in today’s turbulent yet transformative environment. Businesses should invest in future-forward, technology-based network and security solutions to be equipped to take advantage of the changing landscape. 

Technology driven products and solutions are at the forefront of handling the greatest crisis experienced by humanity. Axis is repurposing solutions to cater to the immediate need of today and ensuring that the same investment will be valid tomorrow and provide scalability. 

For example, one of the in-demand solutions is the AXIS Occupancy Estimator. The analytic was designed to estimate occupancy levels on a premise and understand visitor patterns. Today, occupancy estimators are deployed to support retailers and institutions utilise the same analytic to regulate the number of people in an area and adhere to safety guidelines. Combined with network camera and audio, owners can adhere to guidelines and provide a safe experience today and use it for understanding visitor patterns to improve in-store experience in the post-covid era. 

To reinforce its commitment to the Middle East market, Axis will be hosting its first virtual and free-to-attend event, Axis Innovates, centred on Creating a Smarter & Safer Tomorrow. Set to be an amalgamation of human perseverance and consistent innovation, the two-day event will host a range of insightful conversations on the changing landscape of technology, AI, cybersecurity, body-worn cameras, network audio, and more. The event aims to empower the Axis ecosystem ― partners, distributors, consultants, and end customers ― and is also open to industry professionals. Axis Innovates will bring together 15 speakers, 18 high-impact conversations, and unparalleled insights from industry leaders.  

“While security will always be our main focus, we are gradually expanding into related markets with new network-based products and solutions. The purpose of our Axis Innovates event is to challenge the status quo and fuse human imagination with intelligent technology for a smarter, safer world that future generations can enjoy,” explained Van Der Watt. 

Together, Axis invites the security industry to explore the future of technology, how we can apply that technology to solve new customer needs, and how we take our engagement to new levels of innovation for a smarter, safer world. 

The way Axis Communications define, develop and build products and solutions is changing. From being vertical-oriented, device/location-oriented the company is moving towards a horizontal/hybrid way instead. They will discuss this interesting trend as well as share the latest update on the Axis portfolio. 

Artificial Intelligence is perhaps the most sought after in the technology world today. In this session, Axis will dive into the definition of AI, and explore its successful applications. Also discussing what analytics can do for security, safety and operational efficiency. 

The event goal is to promote sustainable ways of working in the entire value chain for the benefit of our suppliers, distributors, partners, customers, co-workers and owners. Axis will share their ongoing activities towards a sustainable future. Being sustainable, ethical and responsible. 


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