Altia-abm announces smartcase, a new take on investigations management in the private sector

Altia-ABM has added a new case management system to its stable of successful products.
Smartcase was born out of the need for incident and investigation teams to have an off the shelf affordable, powerful and configurable solution to meet their unique needs.
Smartcase vastly improves the speed of data entry, the subsequent management of that data and the incident and investigation process as a whole. This adds up to a step change in the world of corporate investigations.
The software marks Altia-ABM’s continued advances in the private sector, building on its strong public sector pedigree.
The UK Government established a taskforce to tackle economic crime earlier this year, working in partnership with the private sector. There are 3.24 million fraud offences committed each year in the UK.
Altia-ABM is sponsoring the Tackling Economic Crime Awards, taking place in December, also supported by UK Finance, the Serious Fraud Office, City of London Police and the Cabinet Office.
Altia-ABM was established in 2002 in Glasgow and has established a worldwide customer base. The group’s customers in the UK include every British police force, in addition to HMRC, the Department of Work & Pensions, the National Crime Agency, Trading Standards, many local authorities, the Gambling Commission, plus forensic accountants and insolvency practitioners.
Altia-ABM opened an office in Toronto in 2017 to serve its North American customers and created a subsidiary in Melbourne in 2018, as a platform to drive growth in the Asia-Pacific region.
Ian Watson, CEO of Altia-ABM, said: “Our software has become a world leader for financial and criminal investigations in the UK, enabling our expansion into North America, Latin America and Australasia. Most of our customers to date are law enforcement agencies and police forces. We know that businesses also need many of the same processes in place to identify and detect fraud, to reduce risk to the business and to ensure compliance with regulation. SmartCase offers all of these functions, in one user-friendly product.”
Altia-ABM’s Product Manager, Mark Whittlesea, said: “Smartcase is easy to use, highly configurable and applicable to many different industries. We didn’t want to make a cumbersome records management solution we wanted to build a ‘smart’ platform that really enhances the investigations process for the private sector.  Smartcase offers a tailored fit without the expense and really delivers useful insight out of the mountains of data captured, with inbuilt analytical tools that are ready to use.
“Our customers tell us that they have saved up to 18 hours producing management reports and have virtually eliminated double entry and other common data inputting mistakes. We also expect to see some significant time savings for multi-stakeholder teams work once we’ve analysed this completely in the coming months.”

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