AMG to take new camera ranges and Ethernet switch series to Las Vegas

Sara Bullock, International Sales & Marketing Director at AMG Group
Sara Bullock, International Sales & Marketing Director at AMG Group

AMG Systems has announced it will showcase its latest 360 degree fisheye camera solutions and new Multi-Service Ethernet Switch Series at ISC West  in Las Vegas on April 10-12.

Sara Bullock, International Sales & Marketing Director at AMG Group says, “It’s the first time that AMG is investing in exhibition space at ISC West. The main reason for making the move into the US market now, is the amazing success we’ve experienced over the last 12 months with our PanoCam360 camera series. We have had a lot of inquiries from the US market and are currently working on a number of projects. Added to this, is that we have just launched TotemCam360 and the AMG9022/24 Multi-Service Ethernet Switch Series at the Intersec show in Dubai in January which was a huge success. Another new product is SmokeCam360 – where we’ve managed to squeeze the electronics into a smoke alarm case which offers the perfect solution for 360 degree camera implementations in sensitive environments such as Schools, Nurseries, Hospitals, Care homes and other environments with vulnerable individuals. Judging from the enormously positive feedback we’ve had already, the security market has been clamouring for a discreet solution which allows them to monitor individuals and leisure areas efficiently.”

TotemCam360 from AMG-Panogenics TotemCam360 is a 5 Megapixel re-deployable 360 degree integrated camera system with built-in recording solution operating over 3G/WiFi for remote area and perimeter detection. It has been developed to address remote CCTV applications where there is no cabling infrastructure available or in place. The 360 degree capability allows viewing/monitoring of the full scene from a single camera. The unit comes with an on-board 1TB DVR and a connection for a removable USB 2.0 hard disk. The advanced aerial technology applied allows the TotemCam360 to record almost indefinitely and stream the video 24/7 back to a Video Alarm Centre via 3G, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, or Broadband/LAN/5Ghz options. The applicability of the solution is incredibly flexible and versatile as it covers large or small areas in both day and night time conditions. TotemCam360 has also been designed to be easy and straightforward to install. The result is rapid set-up with minimal project planning needed for implementation. Look out for AMG’s new ‘mini’ variants of this product set to be launched at the show.

The AMG9022/24 Multi-Service Ethernet Switch Series is a hybrid product that bridges IP and analogue technology and reduces both equipment and infrastructure requirements. Historically, I/O requirements have been dealt with through the use of third party Serial Port, Audio and Contact-closure I/O servers. This often resulted in a disparate, multi-vendor product mix, with its inherent issues of product configuration and integration. The new AMG9022/24 series offers a common web-browser interface to manage the configuration of all aspects of the device; Ethernet as well as serial ports, audio ports and Alarm I/O. You can either configure as point-to-point circuits or as virtual circuits if you are working with a Management System. Working through a web browser takes away a lot of the previous hassle and makes the configuration secure, simple and easy to work with. The new switches support 10/100/1000Mbit/s data rates and operate over either CATx cables or fibre cables (using SFP’s). They’re compact, flexible and easy to work with. AMG9022/24 also offers the benefit of Spanning Tree and Rapid Spanning Tree protocols as well as IGMP functionality to deal with multicast traffic which is commonly used in IP CCTV deployments. On-board PoE provides power to 802.3 compliant devices as well as data to edge-of-network devices.

At ISC West AMG will be exhibiting at Booth 14138.


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