Antrica introduces new micro website for its latest range of HD Video Encoders and Decoders

Antrica's new microsite for the ANT-4000 HD encoder/decoder
Antrica's new microsite for the ANT-4000 HD encoder/decoder

Antrica has setup a micro website for the ANT-4000 range of Full HD Video Encoders and Decoders,
The intention is that all product related information such as data sheets manuals software will be held on a single website.
Distributers of the ANT-4000 range will be listed on this micro site and will have their own secure area for  information and communication back to Antrica.

Antrica will be marketing this new site using Google and other methods to promote this unique Product rather than the whole of the Antrica product range.
The market for the ANT-4000 extends far beyond  CCTV  applications into Broadcast Medical Industrial and Entertainment. It was felt the ANT-4000 needed appropriate promotion to a wider audience compared to Antricas other products which focus primarily on CCTV only. is live and will grow rapidly . Antrica are looking for Distributers in each country who specialise in the non CCTV markets like Broadcast Medical AV Entertainment and IPTV.

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