APT adds a range of road blockers to its portfolio


Following a new licensing agreement, the high-end security integrator APT Security Systems has added a range of impact-tested road blockers to its portfolio specifically designed for temporary applications.

APT’s team of highly experienced engineers will be responsible for manufacturing the Scorpion road blockers, as they are called, as well as marketing and selling them worldwide.

Whilst the blockers can be used for permanent security, they are ideally suited to events or situations that require additional security to protect against ram raids or terrorist attacks for shorter periods of time. At less than ½ tonne, the Scorpion blockers are extremely lightweight, making transportation easy and installation straightforward.

In a recent test, a Scorpion Mark III blocker within the range was impact tested for 3.5 tonnes at 48kph with zero penetration and qualified for a PAS 68:2010 performance rating of V3500(N1)48/90:0/0. A single blocker, at a width of 1.1 metres and a raised height of 632mm above ground, can protect a clear opening of 3.5 metres with a speed of operation under four seconds.

All the blockers in the Scorpion range are surface mountable and are easily bolted to a simple concrete foundation, without any need for chemical anchors. As Chris Rowlands, Managing Director of APT Security Systems, explains, this means they can be removed leaving only a minor trace: “After their use, the blockers can be removed within just a few hours, leaving little signs of any kind beyond small bolt and ducting holes.

“This is a very attractive proposition for organisers of temporary events, and we are set to see some of them used to secure key locations around special events taking place in 2012.”

The blockers come with a moulded ramp, which acts as a speed hump allowing it to be used as a traffic calming measure. It can be operated by a traditional hydraulic ram for medium to high use and APT is currently developing an electronic ram for low to medium use, which will remove the risk of leakages from hydraulic based systems.

There will be multiple power options from manual operation and battery power to single phase power, rather than three phase power as required by most other high security blockers, bollards, gates and barriers.


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