ARINC integrates security solution at Doha International Airport

The selection of ARINC EMEA as leader of the consortium to design and build the New Doha International Airport (NDIA) reinforces the company’s position as the provider of choice in the Middle East for integrated airport security solutions.  The contract for the 40 site covers more than 100 buildings which will have the capacity to cater for an annual 45 million passengers.   ARINC, which has a growing presence in the region, will be participating next week at the leading security show, Intersec, Dubai at The Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre during 15-17th January – Hall S3, Stand 315 P.

“ARINC was chosen to lead the NDIA project consortium because of its clear understanding of the project environment, solution design, and proven delivery of enterprise level integrated system solutions which include multiple security systems and a number of command and control rooms,” commented Stephen Horner, Business Development Director, Security Solutions.

ARINC is a world leader in managing large airport projects
With an unrivalled 80-plus years at the cutting edge of aviation technology, ARINC is a world leader in managing large airport projects.  Its disciplined approach to systems integration delivers fully-managed, end-to-end solutions on time, in scope and within budget.

The company’s integrated physical security offering is centred on its Advanced Information Management (AIM) solution, a flexible command and control integration platform that provides versatile, scalable, fully integrated solutions for single and multi-site facilities.

AIM already provides protection for millions of passengers daily who use public transit systems and airports throughout the US.  A market leader in nuclear power

industry integrated security systems, AIM secures a number of US government, military, chemical, transportation and petrochemical installations, including seaports and airports.  It is also one of the largest providers of integrated command and control solutions to US railways.

Sophisticated monitoring of all activities
ARINC’s AIM solutions can integrate an entire site’s video surveillance, access control, vehicle ID management, perimeter security, detection devices, public address, notification digital signage and converged network technology into a single interoperable user platform.  Integral voice and notification systems connect emergency and security personnel with on-site staff.

The command-and-control application provides sophisticated monitoring of all subsystem activities and alarms, and presents operators with a common operational picture of their facility.  Its capabilities can also be extended to hand-held devices and small-footprint tablet PCs, enabling first responders to receive video and data for real-time decision making on the front line.

AIM has built-in redundancy for servers, peripheral equipment and field I/O devices and is a high-availability system.  This unique resiliency feature enables stand-alone automated operation of critical functions if the main system server fails or communication with the host server is lost.

“It’s the gold standard of security solutions, providing real-time situational awareness for the safety and security of personnel, passengers and facilities, plus enhanced decision support capabilities for security personnel,” said Steven Horner.

ARINC EMEA is targeting AIM for major infrastructure projects in the Middle East, such as new airports and highways, ports, rail, petrochemical and utilities.  “Our powerful offering, combined with our regional presence, puts us in a strong position to pursue significant opportunities in the Middle East where there is currently significant investment in such projects,” Steven Horner said.

Designed to meet specific customer requirements
AIM is based on industry standards, open architectures and certified interfaces, enabling a wide range of security technologies and functions to be incorporated into fully managed, cost-effective solutions.

It also provides extensive flexibility in terms of site-specific requirements.  All project systems are designed individually to suit the needs and requirements of the applications, sites and client, as well as mandatory compliances.

Horner points out: “ARINC is able to modify its AIM platform to meet customer specifications which is something most providers aren’t prepared to do.”  In addition it has a flexibility that can easily integrate legacy devices, software, and networks. This is a welcome compromise for cost-conscious security managers seeking fully integrated systems to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of disparate legacy equipment, provide certified interfaces to advanced technologies, and keep implementation and operating costs within budget.

ARINC’s regional presence provides strong support
ARINC EMEA’s technical offering is supported by a strong regional presence, headquartered in Dubai, which was established to project manage major system integration contracts at three of the largest airport construction projects in the Middle East – Doha, Cairo and Dubai.

“In many parts of the world ARINC has long been the go-to provider for security integration solutions for airports, seaports, utilities, transportation, defence and borders,” said Horner.

As a master systems integrator, ARINC is used to achieving the smooth assimilation of a diverse range of information, communications and other systems.  The company has the expertise to specify, install and integrate a full range of airport systems, while maximising the use of existing resources and enabling cost-sharing common use equipment.  All systems are designed to achieve the highest levels of operational efficiency and reliability whether an entire infrastructure is being engineered or legacy equipment is being incorporated into a new architecture.  And all comply with government security requirements for both commercial and government installations.

Identity Management System (idMS)
ARINC’s Identity Management System (idMS) provides the enrolment and verification technology for the first privately managed registered traveller program now operating at 10 airports. Using biographical and biometric information, IdMS is ideal for airlines and airports – helping create fast-lanes for pre-registered passengers, and providing invaluable checks on employees and crew members.

IdMS also provides a comprehensive solution for government agencies responsible for border control, hazardous material management, and securing other high-risk facilities.

Visit ARINC at Intersec, Dubai in Hall S3 at Stand 315 P


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