artec technologies AG strengthens its position in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market.

to expand its engagement in the market and strengthen its relations with local customers

artec technologies AG (WKN 520958), a leading manufacturer of network-based video surveillance, broadcast compliance and IPTV systems is strengthening its presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market through enhanced cooperation with Dynamic Security, a leading systems house headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Having already established itself in Qatar, the artec corporation’s next strategic step is now to expand its engagement in the market and strengthen its relations with local customers in its drive for accelerated growth in the UAE.

"With Dynamic Security as a systems house, we are now in the position to initiate, conclude and service technical projects in both of our product areas on any scale. The initial successfully concluded cooperative installations demonstrate the high level of demand in the region for sophisticated technologies. We are looking forward to intensifying our collaboration and raising brand recognition of both our MULTIEYE product line for video surveillance systems as well as our XentauriX brand for broadcast solutions," states Jens Ringlstetter, COO of artec technologies AG.

All future operative measures will be facilitated through the continuous presence of artec personnel in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. COO Ringlstetter is pleased to note how "Positioning artec technologies AG in the UAE marketplace with our high-quality product families of MULTIEYE and XentauriX creates the ideal prerequisite for dynamic growth in this region." and is convinced that this future presence of artec personnel will give artec technologies AG an exceptional strategic position for the expansion of their market shares in the region.

In addition to projects in the infrastructure in the area of video surveillance, the continuing expansion of digitalization leads the company to anticipate especially strong growth in its solutions for radio and TV broadcasting as well as news agencies.

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