Astrata Group to track and monitor Pepsi Cola trucks throughout Malaysia


The Astrata Group today announced it has been awarded a contract by the Biforst Group for the tracking and management of their fleet of curtain-sider trucks.

Biforst, a leading provider of one-stop-shop logistics solutions, needed a scalable tracking capability to manage their fleet of new trucks. The Biforst fleet was recently recognized within Malaysia for having the longest curtain-sider trucks in-service, measuring 13.7 meters and capable of carrying 32 pallets, for a payload of 32 tons.

Appala Nakkiah, Group Managing Director for Biforst Group said, “Biforst is an expanding organization working in a dynamic industry – we needed a partner who can react and adapt with us as well as follow us as we expand.”

Biforst chose Astrata’s GLS Management System along with their GLP100, a compact and technologically advanced GPS tracking device specifically developed to meet the rigorous demands of fleet management and transport security applications.

Appala continued, “We get tremendous value from the Astrata GPS tracking and fleet management system; we are able to monitor the on-time delivery performance of Pepsi’s consignments to their customers ensuring a first class service. The immediate effect of using the GLS System was our delivery performance and utilization of the vehicles increased, our drivers became more aware of the impact of their driving habits on the environment as fuel usage was tracked and compared across vehicles and drivers. These are very large trucks with a payload of 32 tons so we need to manage our costs effectively.

“It doesn’t end there; we use the Astrata Global Location Software to monitor and enforce health & safety regulations, as well as reduce our vehicle emissions improving the environment. Driving patterns are analyzed and where areas in need of improvement in the driver’s behavior are observed, then additional training is provided. Reducing the idling time, changing gear at the right rev’s, braking in good time and reducing speeds all contribute to reducing fuel costs, improving the environment and minimizing our carbon footprint.

“Having extensively tested Astrata’s GLS Management System and GPS units, we found that the system was highly flexible and scalable enabling us to monitor on time delivery performance, driver safety & driving performance, environmental, fuel usage as well as security of the vehicle and loads.”

Tong Pow Mun, Regional Manager of Astrata South-East Asia, said, ”Biforst is a visionary company using Astrata’s GLS System to manage a variety of their business needs and achieving maximum return on their investment. This is an excellent case study of how to use GPS to produce the upmost ROI.”

A primary feature of the new device is its unique, small, flat and lightweight form factor, making it easy to conceal within a vehicle. It boasts real-time monitoring; secure communications and expandability to other sensors, modules and data devices. The solution can also include GPS, driver ID, 2-way voice, immobilizer (horns and blinkers), panic button, and cargo door sensor.

Biforst carried out a pilot trial with Astrata for three months before the contract was signed. On signing, Astrata has installed its hardware into over 60% of Biforst fleet of lorries and trucks, which includes Volvo, Scania and Fuso vehicles – some of the largest freight haulers operating in the region.

Appala concluded, “I specifically like Astrata’s willingness to listen to client’s needs and offer educated, informed solutions. From a customer service perspective, I give them top marks.”

The vehicles carry refrigerated goods, mixed electronics & FMCG such as Pepsi Cola throughout Malaysia and Indonesia with likely expansion into other countries in Asia.

About Astrata
The Astrata Group is a provider of advanced location-based tracking of assets, going beyond time and location services to include a centralized monitoring and control system. This system provides customized management features designed to meet the needs of Secure Logistics, Vehicle/Driver Management, Homeland Security, Customs Transit Monitoring, Cold Chain, Fleet Management and a wide variety of additional applications.

Astrata telematics services combine GPS positioning, wireless communications and geographical information technology, which together enable businesses and governments to monitor, trace, and control the movement and status of machinery, ships, vehicles, personnel or other assets.

Astrata has designed, developed, and manufactured ten generations of telematics systems and currently has units deployed worldwide.

Astrata has a worldwide network of offices. The company offers global coverage and has particular focus on the world’s developing markets.

For further information please visit:

About Biforst
Biforst provides a range of local logistics services, which include distribution and express services. They were incorporated in 2004, having started as a logistics provider and from then they have become one of the leading transport solutions providers in Asia.

Biforst started its operations in Malaysia and is currently operating in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and China. Apart from logistics, Biforst has ventured into a wide variety of diversified interests, which include technology, retail, agriculture and properties. Biforst recently received an award for best personality Brand for 2010.

With more than 200 experienced employees, Biforst has continued to offer international standard services to its ever-growing corporate clients. It is currently expanding its operations to the Middle East and Europe.

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