Axis P1428-E

K ultra HD resolution outdoor bullet IP camera, with true day/night, digital autotracking, I/O, edge storage

Other features include P-iris lens, remote zoom and focus, I/O ports, 3x optical zoom, wide dynamic range, edge storage, intelligent video, dual codec and PoE.
Part of the affordable Axis P14 series, the P1428-E outdoor bullet network camera delivers high-end surveillance in 8.3 megapixel/4K ultra HD resolution (30 fps), ideal for the detailed recording of large areas. Axis digital autotracking automatically detects, zooms in on and follows moving objects for the effective incident discovery. True day/night capability enables round-the-clock recording, capturing colour images in the day and black and white images at night using the infrared-cut filter. The camera’s I/O capability enables connection to external devices such as PIR sensor, relay or siren that can be controlled via the network to perform actions on motion detection.
Image capture is improved further by the P-iris lens which controls resolution, contrast, clarity and depth of field levels to ensure the best possible image, whilst wide dynamic range (WDR) improves detail visibility in poor lighting, where dark shadows and strong backlight exist. The Axis P1428-E offers simple installation with remote focus and zoom, whilst 3x optical zoom provides high quality close up viewing of regions of interest without compromising image quality.
Video motion detection enables the Axis P1428-E to alert users of activity via email whilst also triggering recording to edge storage, this ensures activity is recorded for later analysis and provides efficient and accurate security monitoring. Recording to MicroSD card (card not included), provides low-cost storage that can be removed if needed, whilst also providing data backup. The P1428-E is able to reduce video files using either H.264 or Motion JPEG depending on application. With power supplied through the network cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE), the P1428-E is easily and cost-effectively installed.
An integrated wall mount bracket enables simple installation whilst an included weather shield protects the camera against harsh sunlight.
Please note: this camera does not come with a power supply, please select from the drop down menu above if required.
5 megapixel version: Axis P1427-E.
Key features & benefits
4K ultra HD resolution at full frame rate provides extremely high quality video footage ideal for identification across large areas
True day/night capability enables 24/7 high quality image recording in full colour during daylight, switching to monochrome capture at night
IP66-rated casing with adjustable weather shield protects the camera from harsh weather, providing durable outdoor use in demanding environments
Digital autotracking feature enables accurate monitoring of large areas, automatically detecting objects, zooming in and following to track activity
Precise image capture with enhanced clarity, resolution, contrast and depth of field with P-iris control
Remote focus and zoom provide simple installation and maintenance, with fine tuning taking place via the network interface rather than manually at the camera
High quality close-up viewing of specific areas using 3x optical zoom
Copes well in difficult lighting conditions with wide dynamic range (WDR) technology capturing detail in scenes with strong backlight
External devices can be managed across the network with the camera’s I/O capability, enabling PIR sensors and other devices to perform actions
Installation requires only one cable for network connectivity and power using PoE
Dual codec capability provides compression flexibility depending on preferences
Operators are alerted to activity detected by the camera’s intelligent video capabilities via email, whilst also triggering on-board recording to MicroSD card (card not included)
Edge storage provides a low-cost alternative to centralised storage, and means video can still be recorded even if the camera loses connection to the network
Integrated wall bracket and included adjustable weather shield
Compatible recording platforms
Axis Camera Station
Milestone XProtect
SecuritySpy (for Mac OSX)
Typical applications
Capable of 4K resolution and with true day/night, I/O and digital autotracking, the Axis P1428-E outdoor bullet network camera delivers very high quality surveillance 24 hours a day. Typical applications include the monitoring of large outdoor areas such as airports, cities, motorways and stadiums.
Mounting bracket
Weather shield
Drill template
Installation guide
Installation and management software CD
Windows decoder 1-user license
Optional (please select from the above drop down menu):
PoE midspan
MicroSD card

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