Axis video surveillance aids safety improvements for Elis' road fleet

Elis, previously known as Berendsen has managed to increase the safety and fuel efficiency of its fleet through use of Axis’ IP cameras. The textile, linen and well-being company uses 750 heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) which are now fitted with integrated telematics and video surveillance systems. Since this, Elis has seen a 12.7% improvement in fuel efficiency and a 58% reduction in driver related incidences with near eradication of all speeding.
The cameras were installed by Axis’ partner ICanProve.IT and can record a full 360° view of the exterior and interior of vehicles at all times. This video footage has enhanced telematics data with visual information about driver behaviour. Conduct that either increases fuel consumption or was considered unsafe is now being eradicated with the installation.
The video data is supplied by Axis F44 and F41 rugged network video systems in the cab, alongside a combination of wide-angle cameras including the Axis F1005-E and F1035 HD fisheye lenses. These are being utilised to monitor events both on and off the road, from incidents of dangerous driving to theft from a vehicle. This is helping drivers increase their road safety measures, drive with fuel efficiency in mind and combat false insurance claims.
“To help improve the fuel efficiency and safety of our fleet, we set strict targets regarding CO2 emissions, safety and compliance and management information,” explained Peter Kelly, Group Compliance and Fleet Manager at Elis. The reports that the system generates and sends to relevant managers now form the basis of driver debriefs, which has been vital in addressing these targets. If, for example, an event occurred as the result of evasive action to avoid a potential collision, the camera footage would support the driver if an insurance claim had been made. Otherwise, advice or training can be offered to improve driving performance.”
Gavin Urtel, Managing Director at ICanProve.IT, added: “When it comes to helping improve driver behaviour, managers can review footage with drivers to discuss exactly what caused the need for harsh breaking or acceleration, helping address issues in a positive way. Managers can also tailor training for each driver; one may struggle with fuel economy, whereas another might be found to brake harshly. Individual targets for improvement can then be agreed.”
“The results from this installation are incontrovertible,” concluded Lucas Young, Business Development Manager, Transport at Axis Communications. “In working with ICanProve.IT and Axis, Elis can be assured it is utilising best-in-class IP technology, which generates data that is useful and actionable. A 12.7% improvement in fuel efficiency, 58% decrease in unsafe driving and an almost complete eradication of incidents of speeding has only gone to cement the benefits of integrating telematics and video data. We are delighted that Elis and ICanProve.IT share our philosophy of making our world a more safe, secure and sustainable place to live and work, and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

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