AxxonSoft’s Vision for Future of Security

Axxonsoft share their vision for the future, as they continue to make significant progression in product development within the security industry  

Just a few years ago, security companies were looking at various emerging technologies mostly in the abstract — the “future of work” challenge they’d have to address eventually. Today, the landscape has changed dramatically. In today’s competitive environment, adopting AI video analytics and cloud solutions is not just an option, it’s a necessity. Innovative tools and technologies are forcing executives to explore how these advancements can significantly benefit their businesses. 

However, many organisations still view AI video analytics through a narrow lens, primarily as a tool to reduce costs and increase efficiency by automating routine tasks such as monitoring and analysing video feeds. Similarly, cloud technology is often underestimated. 

AxxonSoft was founded in the analogue video recorder era, driven by a visionary team of engineers who envisioned a digital, intelligent, and user-friendly future for video surveillance through technological innovation. We’ve maintained our commitment to innovation throughout our development, with a recent focus on AI, seamless integration, and cloud solutions. 

From the outset, we have remained steadfast in our belief that video technology, whether deployed in public safety, corporate security, or business process monitoring, should transcend the mere mechanical surveillance of numerous camera feeds on a screen. We believe that the true potential of video lies in extracting actionable insights and making informed decisions based on this data, complemented by information from various other sources. 

From the beginning, we have believed that video technology, whether used in public safety, corporate security, or business process monitoring, should go beyond the mechanical monitoring of multiple camera feeds on a screen. We believe that the true potential of video lies in extracting actionable insights and making informed decisions based on that data, supplemented by information from a variety of other sources. 

Now, I’d like to pause and share our vision for the future. In the discussion that follows, I’ll outline several key trends that will serve as our focus as we move forward in product development. 

Collaboration Between Humans and AI 

AI is becoming increasingly important in security and video surveillance, but the need for human oversight remains. The future of AI in security is likely to be a balanced partnership between humans and AI, where AI provides real-time information and suggestions to assist in decision-making. However, final decisions will still be made by humans, using their knowledge, understanding of context, and ethical considerations. The goal of this human–AI collaboration is to create a stronger and more adaptive security system that leverages the best of both worlds to maintain security in an ever-evolving world. 

Leveraging Advanced AI and Machine Learning 

At AxxonSoft, we recognise the revolutionary impact of AI and machine learning on the security industry. Seamless integration of video analytics has always been a cornerstone of our software. As we chart our course for the future, we are embarking on a roadmap that includes the introduction of appearance-based search, sitewide AI object tracking, and our ongoing exploration of predictive analytics. The latter breakthrough will enable the identification of complex patterns and behaviours, taking the effectiveness of our security capabilities to new heights. 

The advent of AI-powered predictive analytics is ushering in a new era in security. These advanced analytics will enable security systems to anticipate potential threats before they manifest based on analysis of past incidents, allowing security teams to take proactive measures to prevent them. This proactive stance improves security by addressing potential risks before they escalate. 

The future of AI-powered security systems will be characterised by their seamless integration with a range of other cutting-edge technologies, including drones, robots, and IoT devices. This integration will revolutionise the security landscape, culminating in a more comprehensive and efficient security infrastructure. By converging AI capabilities with these diverse technologies, security systems will expand their reach and versatility. This synergy will enable security systems to vigilantly monitor and respond to threats across a wide range of environments and contexts, fostering a more secure and adaptive security ecosystem that can deftly adapt to evolving challenges. 

Multi-Modal Analytics 

The future of AI-powered security systems is marked by the emergence of multi-modal analytics. These advanced systems will be able to analyse data from a variety of sources, including video, audio, and various sensor inputs. This holistic approach enables security systems to recognise complex patterns and behaviours, greatly enhancing their effectiveness in detecting potential threats. By harnessing the synergy of multiple data modalities, these systems will provide a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of security situations, enhancing their ability to identify and respond to emerging threats with greater precision…

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