Bob Ayers joins Glasswall Solutions

As commercial director

 Bob Ayers, a 30 year US intelligence officer in the US Army and the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), has recently joined Glasswall Solutions, a UK security company who protect against ‘malware in file’ based attacks, as Commercial Director.

One of his first roles has been to launch the first commercially available solution for examining and correcting file structure and removing harmful content from file objects, through a partnership with UK cyber security software provider Assuria.

While in the DIA, Bob was responsible for the security of over 40,000 computer systems that processed classified information in the US Army, US Air Force, the US Marine Corps and all Defence Agencies (less the National Security Agency).

After making major changes to the way Department of Defence (DoD) classified information processing systems were developed, fielded and accredited, Bob was appointed to head a program to improve the security of all (Classified and unclassified) information processing systems in the US DoD.  

With a staff of over 150 personnel and an annual budget of over $100 Million Bob instituted a major improvement program for DoD computer security. He:


1.      Implemented the 1st DoD Computer Incident Response Team

2.      Initiated a new and improved system for the certification and accreditation of all DoD Systems

3.      Created professional computer security specialists in the DoD. This involved creating a new occupational speciality of Computer Security Specialist via the setting of professional standards, creating a training and education program, and creating a new career path for computer security personnel.

4.      Established the first DoD malicious code analysis and evaluation program

5.      Established the first program to evaluate commercial security products being considered for us by the US DoD.

Bob was next appointed as the Director of the US DoD Defensive Warfare Program, where he was responsible for protecting US DoD systems from attack by organised adversaries such as nation states and international groups.




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