BPT launch new IP door entry system


BPT Security Systems (UK) Ltd. – a specialist in door entry, access control and gate automation – has launched XIP, the most advanced door entry over-IP system available today.

Designed in response to customer demand, XIP represents the next generation of door entry system. Unlike other systems on the market, XIP uses an open IP protocol allowing for system expansion with no distance restriction between blocks and an infinite number of simultaneous calls possible.  In fact, XIP can be used to link separate sites – not just blocks – over unlimited distances, providing a greater level of integrated security over large areas than ever before.

The modular structure and simplicity of XIP programming make it possible to create scalable systems.  Sites can be expanded in stages across a development, so that full operation is guaranteed to already commissioned buildings whilst work continues without costly and inconvenient delays.

Using a standard CAT5 network, each block is able to accommodate hundreds of monitors and multiple entry panels.  Video and audio handsets can be mixed throughout, with integral intercom functions and a host of additional features.

Each handset or monitor is connected using a single pair of non-polarised wires, removing the need for time consuming installation of sockets or custom connection leads.

XIP can link individual blocks over fibre optic, radio, LAN or dedicated CAT5 network, for an elegant and cost effective door entry solution.  Traditional or IP CCTV cameras can be connected to the XIP system (via selectors) to gateways or power supply modules.  CCTV and entry panel images can then be displayed on any receiver or porter station.

XIP’s porter system features a huge array of features and options, whether a single site wide porter or a number of seamlessly integrated stations are required.  The porter system goes beyond basic door entry functions, but aids with day to day building management and control, saving time, money and adding another level of ground breaking technology to any building design.  All this can be programmed and administrated from a single central point, via internet or multiple PCs.

XIP may be the latest technologically advanced door entry system from the BPT stable, but it builds on the quality and reliability that BPT Security has become renowned for. BPT Security has been supplying door entry systems for over thirty years to some of the largest and most complex applications in the world, earning itself a reputation for quality product with excellent technical and service support.

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