Survey: Crime has risen by 4%, public more satisfied with police and councils


Crime in the UK rose by 4%, with violent crime up 9%, according to the latest British Crime Survey data.

In the 12 months to September 2011, the period covered by today’s report, crime reported by the survey rose by 4%. This was broken down by:

  • Vandalism – down 7%
  • Burglary – up 5%
  • Vehicle-related theft – up 7%
  • Bicycle theft – down 8%
  • Other household theft – up 4%
  • Theft from the person – up 12%
  • other theft of personal property – up 14%
  • All violence – up 9%
  • All BCS crime – up 4%

The survey covers August 2011 when there were significant disturbances in cities across England.

During the same period of time, the police reported a 4% decrease across all categories of crime. The BCS survey complements data collected from the police and often contradicts police figures. This is because BCS data is based on interviews with individuals and includes incidents which are not reported to the police.

The survey notes an 11% increase in personal crime in the period, but discounts this as a blip and points to data since 2004/05 to claim that crime levels have remained relatively unchanged.

The 9% increase in violent crime was said to be not statistically significant and there is no upward trend in violence, especially in light of an 8% fall in violent crime recorded by police last year and a five-year downward trend.

Meanwhile, robberies of businesses has fallen while personal robbery (street robbery for phones, bags and cash) has risen by 4% according to police figures, supporting the 12% rise noted in the BCS survey. 50% of all street robbery takes place in London where there has been a 13% increase.

And police and councils are getting the credit for beating crime, with 57% of those questioned saying they were doing a good job compared to just over half last year.

Trevor Elliott, director of manpower and membership services, BSIA

Trevor Elliott, director of manpower and membership services of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), said, “The quoted reduction in robberies of businesses is certainly encouraging and a testament to the work carried out by the police, the business sector and the private security industry to diminish the incidence of this type of crime. However, commercial crime is still an unwelcome reality and in order to continue reducing its effects on businesses it is essential for all parties to continue working together effectively.

“Businesses should check that their security measures are reliable and up-to-date. CCTV equipment, manned guarding and access control systems such as item tags have time and again proven invaluable in deterring criminals and responding more effectively to offences, but to get the most out of these systems they must be properly installed and monitored and provided by expert and professional security companies.

“The improved effectiveness of the security systems in place will in fact not only deter criminals, but also ensure immediate police response and facilitate the conviction of offenders.”

British Crime Survey 
British Security Industry Association (BSIA)

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