BRS Lab’s real time threat recognition system to be marketed by Alava Ingenieros

Lorenzo Fernandez, Director of Business Development, Alava
Luis Coello, Director EMEA, BRS Labs
John Frazzini, President, BRS Labs
Keith Silver, Commercial Services, BRS Labs
Isabel Tarodo, General Manager, Alava

AISight® redefines video surveillance in Spanish-speaking European markets

Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs), creator of AISight®, the first artificial intelligence system for enhanced video surveillance that delivers real-time alerts for suspicious activity, has announced an alliance with Alava Ingenieros Group. Alava will market AISight real-time threat recognition and response systems within Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra. The formal signing ceremony for the agreement took place at the United States embassy in Madrid on November 13.

BRS Labs is the innovator and leader in behavioral recognition technology that teaches itself to recognize suspicious activity in real-time without human intervention or complex programming. Alava is one of Europe’s leading prime contractors for safety and security solutions for government and financial services organizations. Customers include the Bank of Spain, the Madrid and Barcelona airports, the Madrid Exhibition Center, multiple transportation agencies, every police station in Catalonia and the Spanish prison system.

“We have almost 40 years helping enterprise organizations and public sector agencies protect transportation facilities and critical infrastructure from attack or misuse. BRS Labs’ revolutionary approach brings artificial intelligence to video surveillance, which will help our customers recognize potential threats faster and more accurately than ever before.” said Isabel Tarodo, General Manager Security Division at Alava. “Together, we can deliver truly scalable real-time threat recognition and response, which will be a huge benefit for our customers as they continue to improve the safety and security of their facilities.”

“Behavioral recognition is the only intelligent video surveillance solution that increases the value of security infrastructure like that delivered by Alava,” added John Frazzini, President of BRS Labs. “Together, we represent a new state-of-the art for situational awareness through physical security. Our customers will be able to see more and see it sooner. We’re proud to be working with Alava, and look forward to our mutual success.”



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