CCTV Image Winter 2011 edition: How many cameras are there?

CCTV Image no. 42 - Winter 2011
CCTV Image no. 42 - Winter 2011: How many cameras are there in the UK?

The Winter 2011 edition of CCTV Image is packed with interesting features which are sure to be of interest to any practitioner of CCTV:

  1. How many CCTV cameras are there in the UK? We have a report by ACPO’s lead on CCTV which revises the figure down from 4.2 million to 1.85 million – a significant reduction in anyone’s book! For more on this story, read this article.
  2. Initially conceived as a three-camera High Street system, Chelmsford’s surveillance scope now encompasses a raft of forward thinking measures. More than three years on, Ian Drury revisits to see what else the scheme has up its sleeve.
  3. Also: How CCTV operators at Chelmsford saved a local journalist after a horrific late night attack and how it led to the immediate arrest of his attacker.
  4. How police liaison officers in the CCTV control room improve CCTV monitoring and policing while saving public money.


  • Camera technology: the latest
  • Education surveillance: improving safety and security on campus
  • Talking shop with Simon Lambert
  • And CCTV and crime research from Martin Gill

Download your copy of CCTV Image here. CCTV Image no.42 Winter 2011

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