CCTV monitoring and surveillance to lead Counter Terror Expo 2011

A hunting we will go

CCTV and surveillance is often debated as security versus privacy.  In this modern, “Big Brother” age, many are uncomfortable about the number of cameras per person, but without video surveillance, monitoring terrorist activity and ultimately tracking down and apprehending them would be impossible.

CCTV and surveillance is not merely an effective tool in countering crime, but as it is multifunctional, with rapid deployment, wireless, covert and multimedia options now readily available, it is equally effective in the counter terrorism arena.

Also, as the quality of CCTV images improves, so does the quality of the evidence.  As this evidence is admissible in court, it is crucial in counter terrorism cases too.

Without effective CCTV and surveillance, many more terrorists would be walking the streets and planning their next attack.

To support and highlight the importance of CCTV, monitoring and surveillance systems within counter terrorism, there will be two free-to-attend technology workshops at Counter Terror Expo 2011 that focus exclusively on the topics.

Chaired by the Editor of CCTV Image and, Tom Reeve and Peter May, Director, GSI-Agency, the workshops feature 14 case-study presentations of twenty minutes each, and will attract a global audience of attendees who are coming to the show specifically to learn about, source and procure CCTV and surveillance equipment.

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