CEM Systems unveils portable ID card validation system with image display

CEM Systems S3030 Portable Reader
CEM Systems S3030 Portable Reader

CEM Systems unveils the latest addition to their range of industry leading portable readers – the S3030. The S3030 reader range offers ID card validation at remote sites or temporary entrances that have no power and can also be used as mobile devices for random checks within pre-defined zones. 

The S3030 range offers a number of new features including enhanced Cardholder details with image display, support for Mustering, Roaming, Occupancy modes and much more.

The display of cardholder details on the readers has been improved so that the cardholder photograph now appears along with Name, Date of Birth and Job Title.  This feature allows for visual verification of cardholders.

The S3030 portable reader can also be used for Mustering situations and always contains the current system muster state. This provides a muster count which is decremented as people swipe their card at the safe area. Any remaining cardholders can be listed in a mini report on the portable screen.

The S3030 range offers new functionality including Roaming, allowing a single reader to perform card verification across multiple pre-defined zones by switching between pre-defined virtual addresses.  The new Occupancy feature allows a cardholder head count to be performed in a defined area preventing card sharing. e.g. a bus or plane.

The range also features the S3030f Portable fingerprint reader offering a fully integrated biometric module.

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