Chiron’s IRIS signalling technology selected by SSS for its alarm monitoring services

SSS Management Services Ltd
SSS Management Services Ltd

SSS Management Services Ltd (SSS) is achieving a significant increase in its remote alarm monitoring business with Chiron’s market leading IRIS secure alarm signalling technology.

The award-winning company, which delivers a wide range of independent facilities management services, has secured orders to remotely monitor more than 700 new sites over the next nine months, utilising Chiron’s technology.

The SSS monitoring operation, based in Bristol, has recently upgraded to Chiron’s IRIS Secure Apps system, to further enhance SSS’s remote monitoring services.

Managing Director Paul Burchfield said “SSS has built its reputation by offering the best managed security solutions and being at the forefront with the latest innovations. The IRIS secure alarm signalling system allows us to deliver significant service improvements to our customers, with more effective monitoring and greater management control.”

The IRIS system is now Europe’s best selling, IP/multi-path alarm transmission solution, served by 233 ARCs and with more than 55,000 units in the field in 31 countries.

Chiron Security Communications’ products are now used in a number of applications, such as connecting standard alarm panels to ISDN, dual path signalling, video surveillance, alarm connections over private IP networks etc.

Chiron has been designing and developing communications systems for the security industry for over 18 years, with solutions that are now relied upon by banks and insurance companies as well as security systems providers themselves.

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