CitySync’s adds new modules to its JetMate handheld ANPR device

CitySync's JetMate
CitySync's JetMate

CitySync recently launched the latest version of the JetMate handheld ANPR software. The JetStream module has been added and an enhancement to the Hotlist module has been included to improve overall functionality of the handheld mobile solution.

JetMate is a fully portable handheld ANPR device running CitySync’s internationally respected ANPR recognition engine. It speeds up the process of collecting number plates in the field by up to 30 times.

The new JetStream module links a number of terminals to a central server where events from multiple terminals can be combined. The module provides automatic streaming of data from the handheld terminal to the central server.

A hotlist is a list of vehicle number plates that are suspect or wanted by police forces and other authorities. The enhancement to the hotlist module allows any updates to the hotlist on the central server to automatically synchronise to the handheld terminal, keeping the user up-to-date with the latest data.

CitySync’s JetMate software is now available on the Motorola range of handheld mobile computers as well as the Casio DTX-30.

CitySync’s Chief Technical Officer, Lawson Noble says, “The additional modules make the JetMate handheld terminal much more functional for enforcement solutions with the automatic streaming of data providing real-time information.”

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