Cobalt Iron recieves a new patent for event-driven network traffic

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Today Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection, unveiled its acquisition of another groundbreaking patent. The patent, granted on 23rd January, showcases the company’scob technology for operational and event-driven network traffic shaping. This innovation is set to revolutionise Cobalt Iron Compass®, an enterprise SaaS backup platform, by introducing cutting-edge capabilities that promise to enhance data operations and mitigate security risks.

“Conditions in today’s technology and data environments sometimes change rapidly,” stated a spokesperson for Cobalt Iron. “These changes can significantly impact the amount of IT resources required for various operations, including network bandwidth capacity.”

Traditionally, IT infrastructure and operations remain relatively static despite these dynamic changes, resulting in unoptimised resources and security vulnerabilities, particularly in networking infrastructure. Cobalt Iron’s patented technology addresses this gap by enabling Compass to dynamically adjust network throughput levels for data protection operations based on a myriad of conditions and events.

Key features of the patented technology include:

  • Monitoring a variety of conditions and events affecting computer networks, such as cyber attack events, business priorities of data, security alerts, and environmental events.
  • Adjusting network throughput levels for backup, restore, archive, replication, or other data protection operations in response to changes in conditions or events.
  • Temporarily modifying network throughput level settings for predetermined time periods.
  • Utilising specialized network traffic shaping policies to determine dynamic adjustments.
  • The benefits of these innovations are exemplified through numerous scenarios, including responding to cyber attacks, optimising backup operations, accommodating severe weather conditions, and enhancing operational efficiencies based on business priorities.

Rob Marett, Chief Technology Officer at Cobalt Iron, emphasised the significance of these advancements: “Modern data centers require responsive technologies that can adapt to evolving cyber threats and changing business conditions. This patent reflects Cobalt Iron’s commitment to leveraging analytics-based optimisations to enhance IT infrastructure and mitigate security threats.”


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