Commend launches new wireless Intercom technology


Commend UK, the Integrated Intercom solutions provider, has launched a new Wireless version of its proven Intercom technology to bring a new level of flexibility to security installers and end-users alike.

The Wireless technology overcomes obstacles such as paved surfaces, or restrictions often encountered within challenging environments, without the need for hard-wired data cabling.

Greg Gregoriou, Managing Director of Commend UK, believes that Help Points and Emergency Call stations can now be placed where people truly need them, and not limited by cabling constraints. “One of the main benefits of the new Wireless system is its flexibility,” he says. “Whether indoors or outside, so long as there is a power supply and line of sight, our Intercom stations can now be placed virtually anywhere.

“We are stretching the use of traditional Intercom systems,” Greg continues. “We can also help to save money on projects that normally require costly civil works. For example, if a car park operator wants to add an Intercom station at a car park barrier, they can simply add a Wireless unit and avoid the need to use cables, making the solution implementation fast and cost effective.”

The Wireless transmission operates on standard Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, which was designed specifically for the purpose of secure wireless speech communication. It is both powerful and stable, providing very high levels of speech quality and excellent acoustic qualities with excellent 7 kHz Intercom audio quality. Operational security is ensured as it uses a separate inference-free frequency band.

The Wireless Intercom over DECT works by adding Converters to Commend’s digital Intercom stations, transforming them into fully-featured Wireless Intercom stations connected to a Wireless Base station which has built in antenna. The range of the wireless is 50 metres within buildings and up to 300 metres in outdoor areas, with directional antenna for several kilometres.


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