Concept Smoke Screen at IFSEC 2011: A retrospective

Concept Smoke Screen
Concept Smoke Screen's Mirage unveiled at IFSEC 2011

Concept Smoke Screen certainly delivered on their promise of a visually stunning exhibition experience at IFSEC. The newly unveiled ‘Mirage’ formed the centrepiece providing the security smoke experience in their demonstration booth. The ground breaking concept is aimed at areas where Smoke Screen generators are impractical, designed to sit easily in the highest standard of shop fit or public facing area it is completely unique, you will not find a product like this anywhere else in the world.

Check out our latest YouTube video from IFSEC and see why the Mirage attracted so much attention.

The employment of two Dreamoc holographic displays also greatly enhanced the stand. These state-of-the-art 3D projectors with free floating animations proved difficult to ignore and simply looked fantastic – view the video here.

Stars of the Very, Very Short Heist Movie – Jonny and Lola – out early for good behaviour performed community service by handing out ‘smoke-screen-o-vision’ glasses to those who wanted to marvel at the stopping power of Smoke Screen without braving the booth. The glasses feature special Smoke Screen impregnated lenses which replicate a real-life activation.

All in all, IFSEC 2011 was a tremendous success, great networking, lead generation and brand drive, and finally congratulations to all those who won awards on the Monday night.

Beyond the Mirage

With increasing criminal activity on the high street Concept are giving embattled store owners the opportunity to fight back with a discreet loss prevention solution tailored for a modern retail outlet.

Walk into any department store and you will see that most use lightboxes for marketing point of sale, at the fragrance counter, for the cosmetics, the designer clothes. Imagine these lightboxes performing an additional, beneficial function – providing the security smoke aspect of the security system. The Mirage does just that. It doesn’t have to be a poster on the front either, you can even have a mirror or an LCD TV. And the beauty is, the device is completely concealed within the design of the store interior, like a chameleon.

Using unique, precision-engineered heater block technology, the Mirage is powerful enough to rapidly fill the risk area and repel intruders whilst producing the driest, safest fog, leaving no residue. It’s ideal for protecting delicate materials like fabrics, electronics, jewellery etc.

As is standard with all Concept products, the Mirage is easily integrated into existing alarm systems.

The Mirage is quite a departure from any other security smoke product on the market. It’s more than a box that produces smoke, in fact it doesn’t even look remotely like a conventional smoke machine. Contemporary design and seamless blending with marketing ethos have been critical in the development of the Mirage.

Stores spend lots of money promoting their products, getting the branding and the designs just right. They know a security smoke system will stop intruders, but they’re not sure where it should go or how it will fit in. The Mirage provides the answer, forming part of the security system as well as the shop display itself, meeting the needs of the marketing team.

So, protect your stock and your brand with the Mirage: the discreet security smoke solution, the ultimate in loss prevention that literally blends into your store.

For more information please visit or call us on 01205 821111.

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