Continental Arena relies on Panomera® sensor technology

Continental Arena relies on Panomera® sensor technology

When it comes to video security technology, the new Continental Arena in Regensburg has taken its place alongside such illustrious venues as the Allianz Arena in Munich or the Berlin Olympiastadion: the Regensburgers are placing their trust in Panomera® multifocal sensor technology from Dallmeier.

After a construction time of just one-and-a-half years, the job was done: The Continental Arena opened officially with the “SSV Jahn Regensburg – FC Augsburg” match. The new home ground for SSV Jahn Regensburg offers covered capacity for more than 15,000 spectators, and replaces the Jahnstadion, which was inaugurated in 1926. Spaces for about 1,700 cars were created around the arena, as well as many areas for parking buses and bicycles. There is also a shuttle bus service to and from the main railway station. The stadium and its surrounds occupy an area of about 20 hectares close to the A3 motorway.

In order to guarantee the safety of fans and players in the arena and parking areas, the most up-to-date video security technology has been put in place. Following a Europe-wide call for tenders, the order was won by Dallmeier.

Cameras with super zoom
The heart of the new video security system are the Panomera® cameras: Just two camera systems located at opposite ends of the arena provide a complete overview of both the home and guest supporters’ areas. This is made possible by the ingenious multifocal sensor technology developed and patented by Dallmeier: Unlike single-sensor cameras, the Panomera® is equipped with multiple lenses. This arrangement makes it possible to view an enormous area in the highest possible resolution and in real time (up to 25 fps) from a single installation location. The great advantage of this is that it also makes a wide range of analysis options possible: Whereas controllable PTZ cameras can only record the view section they are currently “looking at”, with MFS technology the entire scene is recorded permanently. Johannes Baumeister, SSV Jahn Regensburg Managing Director says:

“In principle, we are watching an anonymous crowd of spectators. But if an incident occurs, the police can zoom directly in on specific situations, which helps them to identify disruptive individuals – and this can also be done after the fact with the recordings. This was quite simply not possible with the equipment we had before, because the entire scene was never recorded in such high resolution. The image quality is incredible.”

Johannes Baumeister has another point to make:

“With Dallmeier technology, we at last have the ability to identify those responsible for disturbances in the spectator areas individually. This means that any fines the club may be required to pay to the German football association can be passed on immediately to the people who caused the incidents.” And of course costs are also of key importance, as Baumeister explains: “We have a relatively small budget, so we are always looking for maximum efficiency. Multisensor technology satisfies precisely this requirement.”

Secure perimeter
Not only the interior of the stadium, but also the outlying areas of the Continental Arena are rendered secure with the aid of Dallmeier video technology. Besides many PTZ cameras, the Panomera® multifocal sensor technology is again used to safeguard parking areas and approach roads. “There is a range of different models, so we can offer the right multisensor camera for a given set of requirements”, explains Thomas Achter, Sales Manager for Dallmeier. Redundant recording
The recording by the video cameras takes place on a central, powerful 19″ Dallmeier video server. Even if hard disks and the power supply units fail and are unable to maintain the video recording function, the hard disks are backed up by RAID 6 hotswap, and the power supply units also have an extra power unit hotswap. Convenient analysis
In order to be able to view and analyse the video data in real time, the police authorities have the use of two video workstations, each with two large-format monitors. Freely selectable multiple split displays are possible on each of the monitors, or optionally predefined settings can be stored by the operator. It is also possible to define a split freely in the composition of the split windows. The desired one or more cameras can be activated at will by pressing a button on the control panel, clicking on the camera icon in the Cameras tree, or via one of the layout plans.

A special feature of Panomera® multifocal sensor systems is that both operators can move around at will in the overall image simultaneously and independently of each other, both in the live images and in the recording. Since neither of the two workstations is subordinate to the other, they thus constitute a natural redundancy. To satisfy data privacy considerations, access has been set up and is protected by a personal password for each police officer individually.

The entire video system is modular, which means that it can be expanded according to the operator’s needs and requirements in the future, and thus offers investment security for the long term.

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