Crosspath launches innovative ATM security products to reduce false alarm rates


The LFS Detector product range is designed to detect physical attacks on Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), safes and similar cash storage / dispensing units, doors, walls and ceilings

The LFS unit employs a new approach to monitoring against attacks that significantly reduces the potential for false alarms in a wide range of operating conditions.

False alarms are substantially reduced by the LFS detection method, the efficiency of detection and reduction in potential false alarms is maximised when the optimum location of the detector is confirmed relative to the specific hardware it is protecting.

Crosspath Services/Xtra Sense have designed and manufactured unique detection sensors with the technology to virtually not false alarm. These products protect safes, walls, strong rooms, security doors, ATM fascias and ceilings. All these products are installed in virtually all major clearing banks in the UK by their incumbent alarm installers, and are listed as standard products to be installed within their security portfolio of installation.

Key advantages of the LFS Detector Series:

•             Extremely high level of immunity to false alarms.

•             Offers a range of possible alarm output conditions.

•             Simple to set up, and requires minimal adjustment.

•             Fitted to ATMs, safes, teller assist units, strong room doors, walls, ceilings and other

•             Secure storage containment.

•             Used to detect attacks on semi-secure doors, walls and ceilings

•             Straightforward fitting on installation.

•             Can be left armed during refurbishment works.

•             Reduces staff and third party response cost, to false alarms.

•             The product has a proven reliability factor.

Principle of Detection:
The LFS is designed to protect areas on a safe which are subject to attack. The LFS does not; respond to airborne noise or vibration, only the deformation stress and cumulative noise generated within the construction material of the protected area. This in itself provides an extremely high immunity to false alarms. The product technology has been extended to strong room walls, ceilings, security doors, semi secure housings and construction applications.

To find out more about these products and for a data sheet contact Paul Yexley on 07849633977

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