Deadline approaches for MilSim Asia 2019 conference papers

The deadline for papers to be considered as part of the conference programme at Military Simulation Asia 2019 is Friday October 12. This year, the main conference theme is “Introducing the Next Generation of Simulation and Training Technologies for Military/Law Enforcement”.
MilSim Asia 2019 is currently inviting papers and R&D covering four main sections. For live training and virtual training, the organiser is looking to cover Virtual reality (VR), simulation and systems for the development of individual/small unit tactics and approaches to blending live and virtual training. In terms of constructive simulation and modelling the conference requires participation on subjects including war gaming and development of models to test military plans, policy and doctrine, computer assisted exercises (CAX) and mission rehearsal and analysis.
A third area covered by the conference is best practices in simulation and training: military perspective. For this the organiser is looking for End users’ perspectives and current military requirements for modelling, simulation and training, matching training technology with the relevant instructional strategies and assessment in order for it to fulfil its desired purpose and approaches and plans from the military to enhance their training exercises.
Finally, for interoperability and training collaboration, subjects for consideration include Enabling coalition forces to “train the way they fight”, networked training and simulation between strategic partners and approaches to enhancing interoperability through modelling tests and evaluation.
For more information, contact Barney Reeves at
The event itself will take place at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on January 29 to 30 2019.

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