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Dedicated Micros – part of AD Group – announces that its groundbreaking Closed IPTV has been selected as a Finalist for next month’s prestigious Security Excellence Awards. The patent-pending, deterministic, IP video product solution, which is in contention for the ‘Security Innovation of the Year’ title, is designed to bring all of the simplicity and physical security of a traditional CCTV installation to the IP environment.

In practice, with Closed IPTV, for ease of installation, standard or HD resolution IP cameras can be automatically identified and configured by a suitably equipped server, NVR or, standalone, Layer 3 Enhanced CCTV Switch, as an ‘exclusive’ point-to-point relationship.

Combining patent-pending innovation with zeroconf (zero configuration) networking technology, through Closed IPTV, each camera is assigned a specific network port. This parallels the approach for analogue solutions where a camera is readily identified by the socket it is connected to. By adopting this completely deterministic set-up Closed IPTV ensures that no intervention is required by an installer or end user. It also opens up the real potential, for security installers, to offer an effective and secure IP video solution whatever the size of application which, crucially, is not prohibitive in terms of the IT support required.

Looking at wider security concerns, according to Dedicated Micros, Closed IPTV prevents hacking attacks because the routing of the networked video is exclusively managed and tracked through the integrated switch, making it impossible for any hacking tool to identify and intercept the streams.

Essentially, using Closed IPTV, each camera is totally locked down, within a private network of video over IP, through a number of automatic firewall provisions. In addition, simple-to-enable ‘secure modes’ in Closed IPTV allow trusted IP end points to be created. The result is that should an unauthorised person attempt to tamper with them an alert will be issued to the user. As these Closed IPTV secure modes are based on open standards, implemented in a unique way, it is also simple for an installer to create a technical summary of the security configuration that makes sense to the IT manager in charge of the network.

Said Pauline Norstrom, Director of Worldwide Marketing at Dedicated Micros:

"We are extremely pleased that Closed IPTV has been shortlisted in the important ‘Security Innovation’ category of the Security Excellence Awards.

The simplicity and robustness of the Closed IPTV set-up, with the system being completely deterministic to create a secure private network, means that there is no need for prior knowledge of IP – a key barrier to the growth of IP CCTV which is good news both for security installers and end users.

This also eliminates the practical headache of manually assigning individual IP addresses and consequently mistakes being made – when network components are added or changed – which could, potentially, leave a corporate network open to attack by unscrupulous individuals.

"It is important to emphasise that Closed IPTV is not just about the entry level IP market, the integrators we speak to are also starting to recognise the real benefits of secure, segregated, HD IP video networks as part of their enterprise IP video surveillance solutions."

Moving ahead, Closed IPTV is being rolled out in a number of Dedicated Micros’products including a new Closed IPTV version of the SD Advanced DVR/NVR.

This combines the benefits of analogue camera recording with the ability to easily integrate standard and HD IP cameras without any knowledge of IP network creation. A full and comprehensive range of standard and HD cameras is also being introduced over the next few months.

The final results of the Security Excellence Awards will be announced on 21 October 2010 during a gala dinner at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London.

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