Delta Barrier Stops Intruder at Naval Air Station – Corpus Christi

Trespasser’s Stolen SUV Burst into Flames after Hitting Delta MP5000
Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, have announced that, on February 14, a Delta MP5000 portable barrier stopped a stolen Ford Edge crossover SUV at the North Gate of the Naval Air Station – Corpus Christi. The trespasser had driven across the base to escape but crashed into the Delta unit and erupted into flames. The driver was shot and killed.
Greg Hamm, Delta vice president of sales and marketing, said: “The charred SUV was seen in Navy photographs on top of the MP5000. One photo shows the front of the SUV suspended in the air. Parts of the vehicle are on the ground.”
Delta’s totally self-contained MP5000 mobile deployable vehicle crash barriers carry a K8 rating (M40 ASTM rating), stopping 7.5ton (6400kg) vehicles traveling 40mph (64kph). They tow into position to control vehicle access within 15 minutes. No excavation or sub-surface preparation is required.
Once positioned, the mobile barricades will unpack themselves by using hydraulics to raise and lower the barriers off their wheels. DC-powered pumps will then raise or lower the barriers. Once the event is over, procedures are reversed and the barriers are towed away.
Last year, six of the Associated Press (AP) top-10 football schools stayed one step ahead of terrorists and errant drivers on their campuses by identifying vulnerable areas and securing them within minutes with Delta MP5000 temporary, portable barriers.
In many situations, such as at the air base, the temporary barriers provide more flexibilities than a permanent solution. Delta always keeps an inventory of the MP5000s for purchase and quick delivery at their manufacturing facility in Palmdale, California. In many cases, they are needed for events that come up quickly, such as politician or celebrity visits and other unexpected incidents.

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