Document vehicle movements with VehicleAccessManager

VAM application

Geutebruck’s VehicleAccessManager is an ANPR-based software package for managing and documenting vehicle movements on company property. Designed for integration with Geutebruck NVR systems systems, it is useful for achieving the necessary security standard required by the international regulations covering secure supply chains and for aiding and improving operational processes.  It also provides a wealth of information in the form of reports and lists which can be valuable for other purposes.

When a vehicle arrives at a site entrance, images of the full scene and of the driver are automatically displayed at the control desk.  The system’s list of access permissions determines the terms of access.  This list can be edited by any anyone anywhere on the system with the appropriate authorisation and can contain the details of vehicles, service providers, drivers, contact data and orders.  You can also add advanced authorizations involving time zones, limited durations or enter special instructions for the driver and have these automatically displayed on the screen to aid logistical processes at the barrier.

VAM application 2To facilitate later investigation you can incorporate further criteria such as time range, registration number or customer group.  Filtering according to movement direction – in or out – is easy and a summary table lists all the vehicles currently on the site.  In accordance with data protection requirements, access rights to the system’s data are assigned to individual users so that they can only see what is required to fulfil their duties.  A daily report on all vehicle movements is only a couple of clicks away.

Geutebruck’s VehicleAccessManager software is suitable for use in many European countries as well as Australia.  For more details on this product visit

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